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Our InDesign Training Courses

Aimed at those who are completely new to InDesign, the beginners InDesign course starts out by explaining core concepts such as bleed, margins and columns before moving on to the InDesign software itself. You will learn how to work with text in your documents, place images, work with tables, apply effects such as drop shadows, make use of transparency and more. You will then learn how to apply styles and work with masters before learning about pre-flighting and options for outputting a document. By the end of this InDesign training course you will be able to start creating and editing your own documents, including flyers, brochures, magazines, reports, adverts and lots more.

The Advanced InDesign course is aimed at those who have either completed the beginners InDesign training or have equivalent experience. This InDesign course covers a wide range of topics such as object styles, table styles and grep styles. You will learn how to work with conditional text, make use of the data merge capabilities and work with metadata and multiple layers within images all from within Adobe InDesign. You will find out about the interactive capabilities found in InDesign including features such as animation, video and transitions. You will also learn a variety of Adobe recommended techniques to speed up your workflow and reuse content from snippets and libraries through to importing styles or masters.

This one day InDesign training is aimed at those who already use InDesign, and are wanting to ensure they create standard compliant, fully accessible, PDF files which can be read by the widest possible audience. Covering a wide range of InDesign features, the course also looks at how you can use Acrobat DC to identify accessibility problems in PDF files, fix issues, and read your pdf aloud to experience issues first hand.

This is a one day training course for those who have completed the InDesign Getting Started course and want to better understand the option for creating digital publications with Adobe InDesign. The course covers a variety of topics including not only creating interactive pdfs, but also the powerful range of features offered by the In5 plugin for InDesign which is produced by Ajar Production. Taught by Andy Gardiner, an Adobe Certified Instructor and In5 Certified Professional with over 20 years industry experience.