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Google Colour Converter

Converting colours from one colour space to another is an everyday task for many creative workflows and most often we’ll do this via the colour panel in our chosen software.

But if ever you need to quickly ping some colours from RGB to HEX, or need a rough CMYK breakdown Google has it’s own colour converter built into the browser.

Extracting and editing PDF file content

With the PDF long established as one of the common currencies of the creative industries, it’s not unusual to have clients hand you a PDF and ask if you can take an image or a logo from within the file for use in an alternate layout. In an ideal world we would always want to go back to the source file and get the original content but sometimes the original file isn’t available, or there simply isn’t time.

Creating actions in Illustrator for automation

If you find yourself repeating certain functions in Illustrator, or find you’re longing for a keyboard shortcut that doesn’t seem to exist, then it’s well worth getting to grips with the Actions panel.

Here’s a quick guide to get you up and running with the basics (Adobe’s online help documentation has more detailed information on all the functions available).