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20 Top Tips for Photoshop

Here are some of the top must know Photoshop tips for any regular user. I cover many of these when I'm teaching Photoshop courses, others are a bit more obscure but still useful to know though. Once you have turned some of these into habit, you will be amazed at how more productive you become when using this powerful image editor.

Using the Gap Tool in InDesign

One tool that is often under used or even ignored in InDesign is the Gap tool, and it's a shame as it can be very useful. Basically the tool allows you to manipulate the gaps between frames, and has a number of shortcuts that allow you to control exactly how it works.

The Gap tools is found near the top of the InDesign tools panel and is the small icon with two arrows pointing out in opposite directions.

Selecting By Colour Range In Photoshop

Selecting by colour range is a way of selecting broken/disbursed areas that are the same colour, and would otherwise be time consuming and/or hard to select. These selections would be difficult to do using lasoo tools, macquee tools or even something like quick select.