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Custom Team Training

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Whatever the level of training.


When it comes to training up your team, the best approach depends on the size of your team and the specific requirements. If it is a small group of mixed ability our learning licence might be a good option as it provide you with a cost effective way of booking different people onto a variety of different courses without paying the full price.

If you are looking to train a whole team up at once on a new piece of software, a closed course delivered by one of our certified instructors might be a better option. Run at either your own facilities or one of our training centres, the course can be based on our standard scheduled courses or customised to meet your exact requirements. With a closed course we are able to tailor things to your requirements, and work closely to ensure your specific goals are met.

Who we work with

Our instructors have delivered closed courses for a wide range of companies throughout the UK including organisations such as News International, Marks and Spencer, Aviva, LNER, Cath Kidston, Burberry, The IPA, HM Revenue and Customs, Companies House, The NHS and many other well known organisations.

Let us help you build skills

Whether you are looking to ramp up your marketing team on InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, want to improve your digital marketing skills on areas like Google Analytics, SEO, and Social Media, or need to produce better video with Premiere Pro and After Effects, we can help.

Our Adobe CC team training all includes post course support and access to online learning materials through our learning management portal.