Free Skills Tests

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In order to help you prepare for certifications, or even just generally assess your ability, Highlander has produced a number of Free skills tests which you can now take. These are 30 minute tests which contain 36 multiple choice questions delivered at random from a database containing hundreds of questions written by our instructors.

In order to take the test you need to create a free login to our learning management system (unless you already have one). This only takes seconds and you can then access any of the skills tests.

The tests currently available include:

DreamWeaver Skills Test

HTML5 Skills Test

Illustrator Skills Test

InDesign Skills Test

Photoshop Skills Test

We don't charge anything for these, all we ask is that if you like them you link to this page so others can benefit from it, and if you don't tell us why so we can improve them further. To access the tests just click the relevant link above and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

Tell Others

If you think the free skills tests are useful, then please feel free to tell others about them by linking to this page.

Submit a question

These tests are provided completely free of charge and our trainers spent a lot of time creating them.  With this in mind all help is much appreciated, so if you would like to submit a question (or more) for approval and addition to the tests then you can do so using our contact form.