Illustrator Beginners – Recorded Course

Learn Illustrator at your own speed!

Illustrator FOR Beginners

Whether you prefer to work at your own speed or are self funding or on a limited budget, our pre-recorded Illustrator Beginners course is the ideal way to get up to speed quickly. Aimed at complete beginners the course covers all the same topics as our Live Online Illustrator course.

You will start out by learning the difference between vector and raster images, having looked at the Illustrator interface and new document settings, we then take you step by step in a logical order through Illustrators powerful selection of tools. During the course you will learn how to use the pen tool to create vector shapes, adding and removing anchor points, switching between sharp and smooth corners, and adjusting handles to manipulate curves.

We take you through numerous tools such as the pencil tool, liquify tools, shape tools, and path editing tools. You will learn to create blends, work with colours and gradients and transform your shapes with things like reflections. In over 4.5 hours of video you will become more confident working with Illustrator and capable of creating and editing your own vector graphics.



90 Days Unlimited Access Subscription
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Illustrator Beginners – Recorded Course
Associated Courses
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