How can I learn Illustrator

Private Illustrator Courses

Our closed courses for teams can be run at your office or live online and can be tailored to your exact needs. This is a cost effective way to ramp up your Illustrator skills quickly and effectively.


Attend a LIVE online course with an Adobe Certified Instructor, all from your own desk and using your own system.

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For those who have plenty of time and a limited budget, the pre-recorded Illustrator courses are the answer, giving you professional quality training from a certified instructor, but within a budget.

Our Illustrator TRAINING

Our beginners Illustrator course is aimed at those who are new to the product and looking for a professional course that will teach them best practice techniques right from the start. We start out by explaining basic concepts such as what are vectors and bezier curves and then move onto creating basic shapes, working with paths, organising your artwork, working with colours, applying effects, working with text and a variety of techniques around outputting your work.

The Illustrator course is hands on throughout and during the sessions you will learn how to use the software to make vector artwork for use in things like logos, signs, icons, greetings cards and more.

If you have already attended our beginners Illustrator course, or have some previous experience with Illustrator, the Advanced Illustrator Course is the next step. Covering a range of more advanced techniques this course teaches you how to work with symbols, use live paint, apply the blob brush tool, work with perspective grids, make the most of gradients, benefit from image trace functionality, work with illustrator patterns and much more.

Our small class sizes mean you get plenty of time to practice, and our experienced and qualified instructors are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have,

Other COurses of Interest

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