As many of you, who have been creating patterns know, creating a decent repetition in Illustrator has always been a lot of hard work. Trying to make your pattern not look too rigid, did require creating a number of copies of the object to be ‘patterned’, offset them, draw a rectangle around the area to be repeated and sending it to the back! If your rectangle was not absolutely perfect your repeat would not look right and you would have weird overlaps.

All this is now gone with the new Pattern Tool.

Below is a screen shot of the design that I wish to create my pattern with.

original design before pattern creation

All you do is drag the design into your swatches, and then double click it in the swatches palette and this is how easy it is to create using the Amazing New CS6 Pattern Tool!

final pattern

Final Pattern

Next time we’ll do a detailed tutorial on how to use all of these lovely new Pattern Tool features.

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