If you find yourself constantly configuring the same settings every time you create a new document in Illustrator then you may be glad to know we can save you the time and spare you the monotony.

When we create a New Document in Illustrator we choose from a Document Profile to pre-configure settings for Web, Print etc. But have you ever wondered what these profiles are, or where they live…?

custom document profiles in illustrator

At the bottom of the Profile menu you might have notice a Browse… option. This takes you to the location of the New Document Profiles folder where you will find a few humble Illustrator documents – the mystery is no deeper than that. Save an Illustrator file to this location and it will appear in your Profile list and new documents can be spawned from it.

blog pic 287

This means you to configure a document profile to your taste. Add or remove Swatches, Brushes, Symbols etc. configure the page size, set Paragraph, Character and Graphic Styles, set Preferences… the list goes on. Change it, save it to New Document Profiles folder and it’s stored for you to load in any time you create a New Document.

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