Adobe have introduced a brand new feature within Photoshop Creative Cloud, called the Perspective Warp tool.

When looking at your images, you will notice that some things look out of proportion, or different to how it does in real life. This is due to perspective distortion, depending on the lens used, camera, and from which angles the photograph was taken.

Perspective Warp helps overcomes these problems.

A lot of 3D options in Photoshop require more graphics memory than a lot of computers have. Check the Adobe site for more details.

To begin with you need to define the planes. On an open document in PS, go to Edit > Perspective Warp.

Click anywhere on your document (preferably near to the first plane you wish to define) – this will drop a grid on it.

apply perspective grid to photo

If you click in the middle of this you can drag the whole box around.

If you click one of the corner ‘circles’ / pins you can drag that line around

If you click on one of the edges you will drag that edge out, but if you hold shift and click and drag that edge you will notice that the perspective you’ve chosen will remain. Use the natural lines of the buildings or objects you have in your image to line up for your perspective.

So here, I’ve set up my first grid, on the first part of the building.

apply perspective grid tool in photoshop

Now I’ll do the second side of the building. I do this by just clicking anywhere on the image outside of my current grid, and a new grid will appear. You will need to make the second grid a bit taller than it is when it’s first created, but once you do that, try dragging the left side towards the edge of your first grid. You’ll notice that the lines go blue. If you release your mouse then the sides with clip together, pin to pin! Cool, hey!

apply multiple grids with perspective grid tool

So now you can drag out the edges of this one as you did with the first one.

Along your toolbar you’ll notice some icons, and the text ‘Layout’ and ‘Warp’. We are currently in Layout, so when you’re ready, select Warp. The gridlines disappear and you can move your lines about to adjust perspective. But before you try that, try the icon with the 3 vertical lines. This will simply straighten out your perspective. The horizontal lines will flatten the perspective (which we don’t want on this image) and the icon with both horizontal and vertical lines will do both.

Now we can have some fun. Move your pins around and you’ll notice how it completely changes the perspective.

adjusting pins on perspective grid tool in photoshop

Lastly, if you use the ‘remove warp’ icon (next to the criss cross lines icon) to take you back to where you were before you started moving pins around, and choose, Shift and click the middle line and it will go yellow. Now click and drag either the top or bottom pin of that line and you can change the perspective as if you had been standing in a different place when you took the photograph!

reset warp with perspective warp tool

Once you’re ready to accept your warp, tick the ‘tick’ icon and it will crop your image for you with the changes you’ve implemented.

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