Adobe Comp CC is a new app for the iPad which Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can download and use.  Comp lets you create layouts on your iPad quickly and easily, allowing you to pull in assets from your CC libraries, such as images, vector artwork and colour swatches.  These layouts can then be pushed out to InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator for completion on the more comprehensive desktop packages.

adobe comp layout

Whilst Comp is a version 1.0 product and has barely been out for a week, it is already showing good potential, and generally seems to offer a smooth and stable user experience.  Using it I have been able to quickly mockup an InDesign document, bring in images which I had saved into a library within Photoshop CC, and vector artwork (a logo) that had been saved into Illustrator.  I was able to quickly position them on the page, together with additional text and content, and then push the completed document out to InDesign.  The document opened up pretty much straight away in InDesign where I was then able to carry on working on it.

blog pic 300

By and large the app works quickly and smoothly, and there were no long pauses despite some of the images I used being fairly large.  I did encounter one small problem with some vectors not appearing in the Comp libraries, while they showed up fine within the libraries panel in Photoshop and InDesign.  At the same time however other vector files appeared to come through fine, so I need to look into that one a little further, and this is the only issue I encountered so far.

Compared to InDesign or Illustrator, Comp is a very simple product with only a handful of features, but that’s really the point.  This product isn’t designed to remove the need for these other products but rather compliment them, by allowing you put your ideas to “paper” so to speak whenever creativity strikes.

blog pic 301

Whilst this workflow won’t suit everybody, there are many who will appreciate being able to throw a few ideas onto the page while sitting on the sofa, in the garden or at the coffee shop. In otherwords without having to go back to their desk and boot up the desktop machine.

If you already have a creative cloud subscription and an iPad, I would strongly recommend grabbing a copy of Comp and having a play. It won’t cost you any extra and might make life a little easier.

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