Where’s my Swatch gone? How to stop your Swatches disappearing when you quit Illustrator

Have you ever wondered why all the lovely Gradients, Colours and Brushes you had loaded the night before have all disappeared when you relaunch Illustrator in the morning?

You’ve been hard at work all day loading in custom libraries as you go – everything you need at your finger tips. You’ve found a great library of Brushes and a set of Gradients you intend to use the following day. You quit, you go home and when come back in the morning all the panels have closed and you can’t remember which libraries you loaded in!

If this is you then the time to panic is over – we are here to sooth your troubled brow.

disappearing color swatches in illustrator

Once a Libary is loaded select the Panel Menu Icon at the top right of the Library Panel and select Persistent from the drop-down menu. A tick should appear next to the word indicating that it is active.

This Panel will now stay open even after quitting and re-opening the application and will remain open until you physically close it.

If this is a library you intend to use for an extended period you might want to nest it in with your other swatches as part of a swatch group.

blog pic 309

The Persistent option is available for all Libraries not just colours. That means Colours, Gradients, Patterns, Brushes, Symbols and Graphic Styles can all be made Persistent.

So, no more hunting around for the cool Symbols you found the other day. Load them in, make them Persistent and they’re there to use until you decide to close them again.

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