Google Colour Converter

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Google Colour Converter

Converting colours from one colour space to another is an everyday task for many creative workflows and most often we’ll do this via the colour panel in our chosen software.

But if ever you need to quickly ping some colours from RGB to HEX, or need a rough CMYK breakdown Google has it’s own colour converter built into the browser.

Key in some HEX values in the search field such as “#5b7aa5” and you’ll call up the colour card.


google colour converter

You’ll also see values for HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK and the colour slider and picker are interactive so you can blend new colours on the fly.

The colour card is also called up when searching RGB values when formatted in brackets as follows “rgb(91, 122, 165)”.

Because the tool is built into the browser it works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices which is great when you don’t access to your regular design apps. Although it lacks the sophistication of dedicated conversion tools it is pretty handy when you need to quickly crunch some numbers.