Using the clock hand we created in the last session, I scaled this down a little, made a copy and scaled that down further to create the smaller clock hand. In order to make a copy of the clock hand I double clicked on the Scale tool, chose 70% as the scaling amount and then clicked Copy (not OK). As with the previous blog post I used the Alt technique to place a registration point but instead of using the Reflect tool, I did it with the Rotate tool. I then put in my desired degrees and clicked OK. I also made a 12 o’clock point with the Rectangle tool, placed it above and lined it up with the centre of the clock hands. 

12 o'clock point and hands

12 o’clock point and hands

blog pic 353

Rotate and Reflect Tools

In order to make copies of the number points, I used the above technique. I selected the 12 o’clock point with the Selection tool. I then needed to rotate this point. However, it needs to rotate around the centre of the clock, not its own centre. So to do that, I went to the Rotate tool, held down the Alt key and clicked the point of rotation on the centre of the clock. This then opens the option box.Choose 30 degrees and then click the Copy button (not OK). 



Rotate copy 30 degrees result

Rotate copy 30 degrees result

Now you must not do anything after doing the rotate before you do the next step, else it won’t work! The next step is to use Object > Transform > Transform Again. This will repeat the last thing that you did and of course the last thing that you did was to rotate a copy. If you did anything between making the copy and going to Transform Again then Transform Again will just try to do the last thing that you did. Now it can take an awful lot of time to create 11 copies by going to Object > Transform > Transform Again. So to speed up the process we use a shortcut which is Cmd / Ctrl D. It’s an easy one to remember because you can think of it as D for ‘do it again’! If you don’t remember any other shortcut in Illustrator this is the one to remember.

Your clock

Your clock

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