Please find below the training terms and conditions for Highlander Ltd (Reg Company No: 3020118), broken down into relevant sections: 

Terms an Conditions of Booking


Course places can be reserved provisionally for up to 5 working days provided that you make the reservation at least 20 working days prior to the course commencement. If you do not confirm your reservation (as set out below) within 5 working days of making your reservation, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.


To confirm your reservation and enrol for the course, you must do so at least 10 working days prior to course commencement by completing the registration form and paying, or agreeing to pay, for the course as set out below.


Bookings made within 10 working days of course commencement must be paid for, or agreed to be paid for immediately at time of enrolment. Provisional bookings can not be accepted at this time.


You may pay or agree to pay for the course by cheque (please make cheques payable to Highlander Ltd), purchase order (in which case payment must be paid for within 30 days of Highlander’s invoice), credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Switch or Amex) or by bank transfer. For all forms of payment, please include your name, course, course date and location. Highlander requires payment in cleared funds 30 days in advance of the course date, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance.The registration form must accompany any purchase order or cheque sent to Highlander Ltd so we can identify which delegate wishes to enrol in each course. Please note all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT unless marked otherwise.

Orders for Learning Licence, Pick and Mix licence or the Annual Pass are due for payment on receipt of invoice, and must be paid in full before any places on classes can be reserved or attended. Payment for courses booked as part of an offer or discounted promotion, are payable within 14 days of booking unless agreed in writing by Highlander.

Highlander reserves the right to change prices without notice, but this will not affect any course you have already paid or agreed to pay for in writing. Euro pricing is available upon request.


Those wishing to make a course reservation from outside of the UK will be required to complete an International Booking Form, which include bank transfer details. Please call us on +44 800 156 0777 for a form. Once completed, please post or fax your enrolment form to us which must be written in English. International delegates taking courses in the UK must pay by cheque. money order or bank transfer.


Once we have received your payment or agreement to pay, we will confirm your reservation. We will post, fax or email you a confirmation package, which includes a registration confirmation number, directions to Highlander’s facilities, and if requested hotel booking information. If you have not received this package at least one week before the beginning of class, please call us. We recommend that delegates do not make travel and hotel accommodation arrangements without this confirmation package. If information is sent to a Company’s training department, Highlander can not accept any liability for information which is not passed to the delegate.



You may cancel a course for which you have enrolled and be fully refunded all course fees provided you give Highlander at least 20 working days notice prior to the course commencement. Once with this time period a sliding scale of charges will apply as follows:

20 – 11 days 50%
10 – 0 days 100%

If a delegate fails to attend the first or any subsequent day of a course, Highlander reserves the right to deny the delegate entry to the classroom for the remainder of the course. If Highlander exercises this right, the booking will be deemed cancelled and you will be liable for the full course fee.

Delegate substitutions are acceptable provided notice is given prior to course commencement and that the substitute delegate meets all course prerequisites or is approved by Highlander Ltd management.

In a situation where a course is run exclusively for a customer – at one of Highlander Ltd’s training centres, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – course cancellation must be received in writing at least 10 working days in advance of course commencement. You will remain liable for the full course fee and any expenses incurred by Highlander Ltd if cancellation is received after this time.

Orders for Learning Licences and Annual Passes can not be cancelled once the order has been received, as delegates will have access to support and assistance immediately once the order has been received.

In the event that it is necessary for Highlander Ltd to cancel or reschedule a course, we will endeavour to give a minimum 10 working days notice. In such circumstances alternative dates will be available and all liability by Highlander Ltd will be limited to the value of the original course fee.


You may transfer the course booking to alternative dates and incur no additional costs provided the request is made in writing at least 20 working days in advance of course commencement. Once within this time period a sliding scale of charges will apply as follows:

20 – 11 days 50%
10 – 0 days 100%

In the situation where a course is run exclusively for a customer – at one of Highlander Ltd’s training centres, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – a transfer of course date must be received in writing at least 10 working days in advance of course commencement. No transfers are available for such courses within this period.


As a supplementary service, at the initial point of ordering a scheduled course, you may purchase the right to transfer a delegate at any stage prior to course commencement to an alternative date and incur no further charges. The cost of this service is 5% of the list price of the course at the time of booking and is valid for one transfer only. Purchase of this service does not cover the customer for cancellation of the course.

In these terms, “working days” means all days other than Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.



The course overviews provided by Highlander are designed as a guide to what is covered in the course. Whilst we try and stick fairly closely to the overviews, we do not guarantee that every single item listed will be covered in every class, and the instructors are given some flexibility in what they teach based on what they feel will best accommodate the group ability, size and requirements.


Highlander shall not be responsible for the loss or theft of course materials after delivery to the customer. Course materials will only be provided by Highlander Ltd as part of the purchase of the relevant course and not as separate items of supply.


All copyright and other intellectual property in all material which we prepare for use prior to or during the course, including online material and course books, shall be and remain vested in us. You cannot duplicate or use any materials given to you for distribution to others by electronic or other means.



For all non-scheduled courses, the client is responsible for the provision of a suitably equipped training facility. This includes suitable hardware and software for running the course, as well as provision of an overhead projector for the instructor to use. The instructor may need to install files as part of the course and / or download content via the internet and it is the clients responsibility to ensure the instructor is able to do so at the training facility.


For all non-scheduled courses, regardless of location, the instructor’s travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses will be charged to the client. For non-scheduled international courses travel time at a pre-agreed rate may be applied. An invoice will be raised following the course once precise costs are known.


Prices quoted for onsite courses are based in part on the number of delegates. If you decide to add additional delegates to a class once your booking has been confirmed, you must notify Highlander and accept that there will be an additional charge incurred for each extra delegate that you have added to the course.



Delegates are expected to behave professionally at all times during the course. Drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated. Delegates must fulfil the minimum requirements specified in the course. Failure to adhere to these pre-requisites will impact our ability to deliver the course effectively. Inexperienced, under qualified, over experienced and over qualified delegates may attend courses but must realise that the benefits gained will be limited and that instructors cannot normally change course content and depth to suit these delegates, unless by prior arrangement. We reserve the right to exclude delegates from the course (without refund of fees) at any time if they cause significant interruptions or delays for the above or any other reasons, or if their qualifications and current experience are impacting on our ability to deliver the course as originally intended. We reserve the right to stop a course (without refund of fees) should delegates misbehave, cause interruption or should their experience and qualifications be such that we cannot continue to deliver the course as originally intended in terms of content and depth.


We may (at our sole discretion) change the format, speakers, participants, programme or any other aspect of the content of the course at any time and for any reason without liability. If we change a speaker and you wish to apply for a refund as a result of this, such refunds shall be at our reasonable discretion.

We may change the venue for a course upon reasonable prior notice without liability, provided that we shall endeavour to ensure that the new venue is within a reasonable distance of the original venue. Alternatively we may offer the course as a remote learning course, or at our discretion agree to deliver the course at your own facilities (which may incur an additional charge for travel & accommodation expenses).

We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation. We will inform you in writing if this happens and we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the contract.


The client (and any other parties introduced by the client to Highlander’s representatives directly or indirectly) will not, under any circumstances, conduct any direct negotiations with Highlander’s representatives, sub-contractors or associate companies (or parties introduced by them directly or indirectly) in respect of this or any other planned work without prior approval in writing from Highlander. Any loss of actual or future business resulting from such negotiations will be charged to the client at a rate of £1,500 per day for each man day of lost business, £500 per delegate day on public courses or at the value of the lost business whichever is greater.

You are strictly prohibited from taking photographs during the course or from filming or recording our trainer delivering the course either in audio or visual form and using any device, unless we provide our prior approval in writing. You consent to the filming, sound recording and photography of the course as a delegate and you consent to our use of any such recording or photography anywhere in the world for promotional, marketing and other purposes.

Delegates will be responsible for any damage they cause to our data, equipment or premises to the value of resulting losses. Highlander will not take any responsibility whatever for theft or losses to clients belongings left at our premises, or to any damage or loss resulting from attending our premises or our courses/services anywhere in the world. Valuables, computer equipment, personal property, etc, should never be left unattended, even if our instructors/consultants and staff offer to look after these items during breaks, as we have no means of verifying and insuring the items and any losses that may occur. A course is assumed to be progressing to the client’s satisfaction until a client points out to the instructor that it is not and details the differences between the pre-agreed course content and the content actually being delivered. If appropriate, the instructor may vary the content from that point on in line with requests, as long as all delegates agree and it is reasonable to expect the instructor to do so.