JavaScript Training

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Empower your Web Content

If you are looking for a JavaScript training course, whether it's a complete intro or a more advanced course, our professional classroom courses can help.  Delivered at our training centre in Islington, North London, the courses are delivered to a maximum class size of 8 delegates and are taught by an experienced industry certified instructor with over a decade off experience in the field.

JavaScript Getting Started

The JavaScript Getting Started training course is a 2 day beginners class that is aimed at those who are completely new to JavaScript. During the course you will learn about the JavaScript language structure, how to work with statements and loops, what functions methods and objects are, and how to work with the DOM.  JavaScript variables, expressions and operators are all covered and you will even look at things like form validation with JavaScript.

Advanced JavaScript

The Advanced JavaScript course is a 2 day training course covering a range of more advanced JavaScript topics such as working with arrays, using top level objects, understanding scope, more complex DOM elements, cookies, working with JSON, using libraries, understanding exceptions, debugging and more.  You will also look at the relevance of JavaScript to mobile devices and how to emulate touch events on a desktop for example.

JavaScript Bootcamp

JavaScript Bootcamp brings together our Getting Started and Advanced courses into 4 days of comprehensive JavaScript training. You will learn everything from the basic programming concepts that apply to JavaScript through to more advanced techniques.  Our experienced instructor will take you through concepts such as working with the Document Object Model, Statements and Loops and Events through to Arrays, working with Objects and Regular Expressions.  By the end you will be ready to start writing your own JavaScript code and empower your content.

Make sure it's the right course

Our training advisors have a good understanding of the products we teach and can help advise on the most appropriate courses.  They are also able to arrange for you to speak with an instructor to ensure that your requirements will be covered in the class. Call us free on 0800 156 0777

Multiplace & Charity Discounts

Are you looking to book more than one place or more than one course. We offer multiplace discounts allowing you to save 10% when booking two places and 15% off three places or more.  Also we like to support a good cause so registered charities can get 20% off the RRP on all our scheduled courses.

Closed Courses for your Team

If you are looking to train up a team, we can provide a tailored experience specifically for you. Courses can be delivered at either your offices or our centres, and we can customise content to your requirements. This approach is also cost effective with pricing based on a flat day rate for the course.