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HTML5 Training delivered by experts

As one of the first companies in the UK to ever deliver HTML5 training courses, we have a lot of experience in this area. Our HTML5 courses are aimed at a wide range of abilities from complete beginner to more advanced user.

The HTML5 courses teach you how to use the latest techniques to embed video and audio into your pages, apply dynamic effects to content such as transitions and transforms, markup your page correctly with semantic markup tags, and lots more.  On the beginners courses you will learn how to apply the more basic HTML5 attributes, together with the latest CSS3 styling techniques.  While our Advanced HTML5 courses look into a variety of JavaScript libraries along with related features such as Canvas, SVG, Drag and Drop and more.

Highlander offers a number of HTML5 training classes at a range of different levels depending on your current ability.  If you are unsure which of our HTML5 training courses is the most suitable please call us free on 0800 156 0777

HTML5 & CSS3 Getting Started - 2 Days

This course is aimed at those who are looking to learn HTML5 and CSS3, with a view to developing dynamic, modern, standards compliant web content. The course takes you through all the common html tags as well as teaching you how to style your content using CSS. In addition to learning the old favourites, you will learn about all the exciting new options that HTML5 and CSS3 bring to the table, such as video, audio, movement and animation, and how to use these to create dynamic, interactive content for the web.

  HTML5 Intro Course

HTML5 Upgrade Course - 1 Day

The HTML5 upgrade course covers the newer features and functionality that is introduced in the HTML5 and CSS3 standard, enabling those who have already used HTML4 and CSS2 to get up to speed on the new "stuff" quickly and easily. You should already be comfortable with HTML4 and CSS2.

  HTML5 Upgrade Course

Advanced HTML5 Training - 3 Days

This 3 day course is targeted at those who have either completed the HTML5 Getting Started course or have equivalent experience and covers the more advanced aspects of the new HTML5 syntax and relates areas including topics such as animation, HTML5 applications, video, SVG, WebGL and more. You should be comfortable using JavaScript before attending this course.

  Advanced HTML5 Training

HTML5 Game Development - 3 Days

This 3 day course is aimed at those who are already comfortable with the basics of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and ready to learn how to create fully functional professional quality games using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You will learn how to use applications like contruct2 and TexturePacker as well as a number of javascript libraries such as createjs, box2dweb, sheetenginejs and threejs. By the end of this course you will know everything needed to start creating your own games with advanced functionality.

  HTML5 Gaming Class

Creating HTML emails - 1 Day

Creating HTML emails is a 1 day training course which teaches you how to create and layout html emails from start to finish. You will learn how to create content that will work in a wide range of email clients as well as create reusable templates, how to insert images and links, how to track your email campaigns to see which links are being clicked on and lots more. We will also cover the main differences between developing html content for the web and for email, as well as provide you with a number of useful resources for tracking, testing and managing your email campaigns.

  Creating HTML Emails

Make sure it's the right HTML5 course

Our training advisors have a good understanding of the products we teach and can help advise on the most appropriate courses.  They are also able to arrange for you to speak with an instructor to ensure that your requirements will be covered in the class. Call us free on 0800 156 0777

Multiplace & Charity Discounts

Are you looking to book more than one place or more than one course. We offer multiplace discounts allowing you to save 10% when booking two places and 15% off three places or more.  Also we like to support a good cause so registered charities can get 20% off the RRP on all our scheduled courses.

Closed Courses for your Team

If you are looking to train up a team, we can provide a tailored experience specifically for you. Courses can be delivered at either your offices or our centres, and we can customise content to your requirements. This approach is also cost effective with pricing based on a flat day rate for the course.

HTML5 training - delegates attending an HTML5 course

HTML5 Bootcamp

The HTML5 Bootcamp combines the HTML5 Getting Started, JavaScript Getting Started and HTML5 Advanced courses with over 10 hours of high definition video tutorials and exercises, giving you an in-depth HTML5 and JavaScript learning experience. If you want to get up to speed with HTML5 quickly and effectively the HTML5 Bootcamp is the most cost effective way to do it.

  HTML5 Bootcamp