Creating and Sending HTML email campaigns

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Training for creating professional HTML emails

Creating and Sending HTML email newsletters is a 1 day course which teaches you how to create and layout html emails from start to finish.  You will learn how to create content that will work in a wide range of email clients as well as create reusable templates, how to insert images and links, how to track your email campaigns to see which links are being clicked on and lots more.

During the course you will find out about the limitations of CSS, where and when it can be used, and why tables are still a popular options.  You will also find out about upcoming responsive email capabilities for mobile, and what is currently supported or not, by the leading email clients.

£325.00ex vat

The Creating and Sending HTML emails course covers all the basic skills needed to start producing and sending html based emails for marketing purposes. The topics we cover are listed below.

Creating and Sending HTML emails - Course Topics


  • History of HTML
  • Email clients
  • Email campaign software
  • Why aren't we using CSS

Writing HTML code for emails

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs and line breaks
  • Bold and italic
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Spaces and special characters
  • Inserting Images

Design and Legal Considerations

  • Design limitations
  • Grab audience attention: simple, yet effective!
  • Best practice
  • Create reusable templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Legal requirements


  • Linking to your website
  • Links within the page
  • Email links
  • Using images as links


  • Who clicked a link
  • Who forwarded an email

Useful Software

  • List Managment / Campaign Management Solutions
  • Testing software
  • eMail Development Software
  • Tracking Software


The Creating and Sending HTML emails course introduces you how to build and send emails in HTML.

You will learn

  • To understand how emails are displayed on different email clients and browsers
  • To format content using HTML mark-up
  • To create reusable email templates
  • Why CSS isn't always good for email and what the alternatives are
  • How to include images in your email
  • How to insert links in your email
  • How to track who clicks which links

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at people looking to create and send professional html emails typically for marketing purposes.

You will have basic computer skills (eg: the ability to open a file or application, copy and paste, etc..) and have a desire to learn how to send professional and performant emails in line with industry best practice.

Comments from delegates that attended

"Very helpful and went above and beyond to help us acheive our learning objectives. It was explained in 'plain english' not technical jargon"
Marketing Consultant, Aviva

"He was very knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. Clear, concise and fun."
Designer, Michael Page International

"Great instructor, knowledge of training and flexibility to adapt was great! Every step was clearly explained, with options to practice and ask any questions."
Communications Officer, Health Education West Midlands

"Really good course today, just enough information so easy to absorb. Looking forward to creating some emails. Has also given me a better understanding of what our email design agency do. Excellent, extremely knowledgable above everything to do with digital design."
Business Retention Manager, East Coast Mainline

"Very welcoming and easy to get to and have everything you need. learnt a lot from the instructor and was very helpful when needed."
Trainee Junior Graphic Designer, Hunters

"Some good foundation, and a few tips for the back pocket."
Senior Designer, Interflora

"Really friendly and knowledgable. Made us feel at ease and was very patient and helpful. I like that its a relaxed atmosphere and it always helps that the instructor knows his stuff!!"
Graphic designer, University of Hull

"As someone that knew nothing about HTML prior to the course I was a little unsure of what to expect. The content wasn't overwhelming and it was presented well so I could understand it. Andy, as always, was friendly, approachable and happy to help."
Marketing Executive, SBL

"Had everything we needed. Very articulate and helpful. It was clear and easy to follow. Could ask questions and not feel intimidated."
B2B Content Exec, Aviva

"Very friendly and knows what he's talking about."
Creative Executive, YPO

"Very happy with all, and grateful it was a small class as I had loads of questions as a beginner, and worry I may not have asked questions if there were more people in the class. Excellent instructor."
Graphic Designer, Home Group