Annual SEO Audit

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An annual SEO Audit is vital to your website performance

At the end of the financial year company accounts are audited. It’s done by a professional Auditor and ensures no major mistakes are made, and that best practice is being applied throughout. 

It’s a normal part of running a business! 

Every quarter or even every month, your sales team does performance review meetings. Under performance is addressed and missed opportunities are identified.

The idea of not monitoring this seems a bit ridiculous!

Your website is built, and content is added and updated regularly potentially by a number of different people. It’s your single biggest point of customer contact, and potentially the main engine driving your whole business. You want it to perform really well.

Oh, so that explains why nobody ever independantly audits it!

In any other area of the business it would be classed as negligence.

Imagine not bothering to:

  • Audit or file your accounts
  • Review sales performance
  • Maintain product quality control
  • Do annual appraisals for staff
  • Service your company vehicles
  • Run regular risk assessments

But it’s only the website, after all, what does that matter?

Show your website a little love - with a Highlander SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit

When you sign up for an SEO Audit with Highlander, we review your site using a range of professional seo tools.

The process takes a couple of days and at the end you will be presented with a report detailing all the issues found to be impacting on your websites ranking potential.

You will then have the opportunity to run through the report with the consultant, enabling you to either address the issues yourself or if you prefer further engage Highlander to help with this process.

Our experience over more than 20 years working with companies large and small, means we have a solid understanding of best practice SEO and the expertise to identify even the more advanced issues that may be impacting on your site.

What do we identify

Some of the typical problems our SEO audit can identify include duplicate content issues, broken links, performance optimisation opportunities, mobile friendly issues, badly formatted redirects, image size and formatting issues, problems with robots, sitemap and htaccess files and lots more.

Let us help you

To schedule a free no obligation chat with an SEO professional call us free on 0800 156 0777 or LiveChat using the button on this page.