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Become a Photoshop Expert in no time

Photoshop Certification Bootcamp is targeted at those who are new to the Photoshop package and wanting to learn Photoshop inside out. From correcting and retouching images right through to more advanced filter techniques, or painting effects this course covers the lot.

The course is made up of 4 days of classroom based Photoshop training which can either be completed in 2 stages at our York centre, remotely online or at your own location. This is then supported and extended by 12 months access to our learning management system containing video tutorials, exercises, sample files and instructor led support forums.

If you are looking to start from scratch and get to a high level of proficiency with Photoshop, the Photoshop Bootcamp is a great starting point.

£895.00ex vat

Attend Online

Why not attend from the comfort of your own desk. Our Live Online Learning option lets you take the course as if you were right there, without even leaving your desk. It's like being in the classroom, and you can interact with the instructor and other delegates, without the hassle of travelling to the venue.

Stage One of the Photoshop Bootcamp covers a wide range of topics and we try hard to ensure any specific requirements you might have are met. The standard topics we cover are listed below.

Stage 1 - Photoshop Getting Started (2 days)

Exploring Photoshop

  • The panels
  • The tools
  • Preferences

Creating Documents

  • Settings
  • Resolution
  • Colour modes
  • Web vs Print
  • Mobile/tablet settings
  • Presets

Colour Theory

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Spot colours
  • Printing colour
  • Web colour


  • Size
  • Shape
  • Options
  • Custom brushes


  • Creating
  • Organising
  • Using
  • Blending modes

Adjustment Tools

  • Dodge tool
  • Burn tool
  • Sponge tool
  • Blur tool
  • Sharpen tool
  • Smudge tool

Adjustment Commands

  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Others
  • Adjustment layers
  • Auto adjustments


  • Selection tools
  • Making selections
  • Adjusting your selections
  • Saving your selections
  • Channels


  • Cropping images
  • Cropping options
  • Perspective cropping

Layer Masks

  • Making layer masks
  • Editing layer masks
  • Using layer masks

Cloning and Repairing

  • The clone tool
  • The Healing brush tool
  • The Spot healing brush tool
  • The patch tool
  • Content aware options
  • Content aware Move
  • Content aware patch


  • Adding text
  • Formatting text
  • Adding Glyphs


  • Vector layers
  • Shapes
  • Custom shapes


  • Layer effects
  • Effect options


Stage two of the Bootcamp covers more advanced Photoshop topics and our instructors work hard to accomodate questions outside the topics listed. The standard topics we cover are listed below.

Stage 2 - Photoshop Advanced (2 days)


  • Organising your work
  • Finding files
  • Labelling and rating files
  • Meta-data
  • Filtering files
  • Creating presentations and contact sheets

Advanced Masking

  • Selection tips and shortcuts
  • Quick mask mode
  • Filters and Quick Mask
  • Refining your selection (Refine edge)

Cloning Techniques

  • Clone source panel
  • Patching

Perspective Cloning

  • The vanishing point command
  • Creating a perspective grid
  • Cloning within the perspective grid
  • Pasting into the perspective grid
  • Multiple perspective grids

Selection Techniques

  • Using Modify
  • Using Grow
  • UsingSimilar
  • Colour Range

Correcting Colour

  • Using levels and curves to adjust your images
  • Colour Balance
  • Match colour
  • Replacing colour
  • Using Hue/Saturation to adjust an image's colour


  • Creating gradients
  • Using gradients
  • Gradient mapping

Smart Objects

  • Smart layers
  • Smart filters
  • Warping layers
  • Placing Illustrator files
  • Placing other files


  • Creating stacks
  • Panoramas
  • Photo merging
  • Stack mode
  • Auto-blend
  • Auto-align


  • Using actions
  • Adding actions
  • Creating actions
  • Editing actions

Filter techniques

  • Sharpening
  • Blurring
  • Distorting
  • Adding noise
  • Getting rid of noise
  • Correcting fish-eye/wide-angle issues

CC Libraries

  • What are Libraries
  • Working with Libraries
  • Creating Libraries
  • Collaborating and Sharing
  • What can they hold

Camera raw

  • Advantages of Camera Raw
  • Editing in Camera Raw
  • Full size view
  • Auto corrections
  • Localised Adjustments
  • Previewing Adjustments
  • Histogram
  • Saving in Camera Raw
  • Reusing Camera Raw Settings


  • Opening video files
  • The timeline
  • Creating a video layer
  • Modifying a video layer
  • Adding text to video
  • Splitting a video layer
  • Cloning Content
  • Adding a transition
  • Adding audio
  • Animation
  • Export to video


The Photoshop Bootcamp course introduces a wide range of skills aimed at those who are completely new to Photoshop, teaching you best practice right from the start, and progressing through to more advanced topics

You will learn to

  • Understand colour modes and when to use which
  • Understand resolution and it's potential impact
  • Customise the Photoshop interface
  • Use a wide range of tools to create accurate selections
  • Hide and show areas within an image composition
  • Adjust colours within an image
  • Repair damage within your images such as scratches, stains etc..
  • Accurately crop and resize your images
  • Adjustment brightness, contrast, sharpness and more
  • Work with brushes on images
  • Add text to your images and format it
  • Apply advanced masking techniques to improve your masks
  • Clone areas of an image in perspective, for example clone one side of a cube onto another side
  • Use more advanced selection techniques to improve your selections
  • Correct colour issues in images for example removing a colour cast.
  • Working with smart objects for reversible non-destructive changes
  • Using stacks for example to automatically remove items from a series of images
  • Use actions to record and reuse changes to images, as well as load prebuilt actions.
  • Work with the Camera raw interface to adjust raw files taken from your camera
  • and lots more.

Our scheduled courses are designed to ensure you have a professional and productive experience.  With 20 years practice we have had plenty of time to get it right, but we are always open to new suggestions as well.

Reasons to choose Highlander for your professional training

  • A proven track record - Highlander has been established for 20 years.
  • High quality instruction - Our instructors are certified by Adobe, Google and CompTIA.
  • We make sure you are happy - Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you leave with a smile.
  • Follow on support - We give you 12 months post course support.

What you get on a Highlander Course

Start and finish times

Our courses start at 9.30am and typically run until 4pm. The finish time is based primarily on how much information people can retain in a day without being overwhelmed, and can vary slightly depending on individual class size and ability.


For our classroom courses, each delegate is provided with use of a computer, setup with the latest version of the software they are learning. Our York centre has a mix of Mac and PC's, so if you have a preference please advise us when booking. If delegates prefer to work in their own environment and would rather bring their own laptop that is equally fine.

For Live Online courses we provide full setup instructions, but you will require a machine running a copy of the software being taught. Additionally a reliable internet connection is a neccessary requirement to complete the course online.


At our centre hot drinks and water is provided throughout the day together with a selection of biscuits and sweets.  

There is a scheduled 15 minute break mid morning and again mid afternoon.


There is a one hour break for lunch to allow delegates some time "off the screen".  For those attending face to face, we are located on the well known Bishy Road in York, with a wide range of popular cafe's just a few metres from the front door. The street regularly features in national newspapers and has been described by Wall Street Journal as "an enclave of gourmet delis and cafes" while The Times described it as "York's answer to Notting Hill".

Course Materials

You get 12 months access to our learning management system which contains a variety of content ranging from video tutorials and refresher exercises through to copies of course slides. Additionally post course instructor support is also available as required.

Certificate of Completion

All delegates receive a certificate of completion to show they have completed an Adobe Authorised Training Course.

Who should attend this course

This Photoshop course is suitable for those who want to learn to use Photoshop but have no previous experience. If you already have experience using Photoshop than you might want to consider our Advanced Photoshop Training Course instead.

If you are unsure which Photoshop courses are most suitable then why not try our free Photoshop Skills Test to help you test your current skills.

Some sample comments from past Photoshop delegates

"He was fab, knows his stuff and was a real pleasure to work with."
IT Manager, Allen and Overy

"He was good at recognizing and relating to the version of Photoshop I/we each had. i.e I was on CS4 and he was good at saying 'CS4 doesn't have this feature on'"
Brand Manager, Diageo

"Really good and a great sense of humour. Learnt loads and look forward to getting on some other courses with Highlander."
Web Officer, Chichester District Council

"Good delivery speed, always ready to answer questions but kept the class moving so never felt like we were getting bogged down in individual problems. Felt like we covered a lot in 2 days."
Comms Officer, London Deanery

"Really enjoyed the course, he was an excellent instructor managed the class well and gave individual tuition when needed. Content was perfect for me just what I needed to go back to my job and start using Photoshop."
IT Trainer, Durham Constabulary

"Excellent, everything we threw at the instructor he managed to provide the answers and demonstrations on how they work and how best they worked. Excellent Communication skills, and instructional skills. A general excellent performance."
Photographer, RAF