Online Web Masterclass

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Whilst it doesn't go to the same depth as the Live HTML5 Courses, this online Web Masterclass is still a great way to get to grips with cutting edge web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Designed and recorded by Alex Silver, an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 10 years experience, the web masterclass contains over 12 hours of high definition video tutorials, together with a range of accompanying hands on exercise files allowing you to get to grips with these powerful technologies. The course itself uses HTML5 video technology so whether you are using a desktop, laptop, iPad or something else you should have no problems watching the movies. There's no need to download flash, quicktime or any other plugins, just click play in your browser. All you need is an internet connection.

The course is designed in three parts, covering the three subjects and includes the topics detailed below.

£150.00ex vat

General Introduction

  • Overview of the course
  • What applications you can use
  • Setting up your test server

Basic CSS

  • Loading order
  • Background colour
  • Formatting text
  • Margins and padding
  • CSS resets
  • Borders
  • Width and height
  • Lists

Using CSS

  • How to format a web page
  • How are conflicts resolved
  • How cascading works
  • Looking at dreamweaver

Where to put your CSS

  • Inline CSS
  • Document CSS
  • CSS files

Styling Links

  • Setting up your links
  • Formatting your tags
  • Block display
  • Link pseudo-classes (hover, active,visited, link)

Laying out your page with CSS

  • Creating boxes
  • Positioning boxes
  • The position attribute
  • Laying out a simple page

Media types and media queries

  • What are Media types
  • What are Media queries
  • How to use media types and queries

Wireframing - converting your ideas to practical web pages

  • What is wireframing
  • How to wireframe
  • Converting your wireframes to web pages
  • Polishing the result

Practical examples

  • Formatting a poem
  • Effects
  • Creating a pure CSS button
  • Rotating
  • Fonts and masks
  • Transitions

Introduction & Overview

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Development and testing
  • Writing

Introduction to Variables

  • Variables
  • Objects and arrays

JavaScript language structure

  • Structure part 1
  • Structure part 2

About JavaScript Operators

  • What are Operators
  • Using modulus
  • Using parentheses
  • Greater and less than
  • Comparisons
  • Unary operators
  • Pre and post fix
  • Using typeof and instance of

Boolean logic

  • What are booleans?
  • Ifs
  • Switch and case


  • For loop
  • While loop

Functions and scope

  • What are functions
  • Function arguments
  • Scope

The Date class

  • Date class and methods


  • What is the DOM
  • Using JavaScript to walk the DOM tree
  • Using JavaScript to play around with the DOM

JavaScript libraries

  • Basic overview of JQuery
  • Other JavaScript libraries


  • Setting up your development environment
  • Using Dreamweaver
  • Using Aptana Studio
  • Other IDEs


  • What we will cover in this course
  • What we do not cover in the course

Basic HTML5 - Going through the semantic structure

  • The semantic tags in HTML5
  • What does semantic mean
  • How to structure your page with HTML5

The new tags in HTML5

  • What is new in HTML5
  • What has been dropped
  • What does the new tags mean for your web pages

HTML5 forms

  • HTML5 form tags
  • HTML5 tag attributes
  • How to make your forms work for you

Controlling your pages with JavaScript

  • Using form elements and JavaScript to control your page
  • The range element

Detecting HTML5

  • How to detect if a browser is HTML5 capable using Modernizr
  • What to do if your browser cannot run HTML5

The audio tag

  • using audio
  • audio codecs
  • controlling audio
  • audio tag attributes

The video tag

  • using video
  • video codecs
  • controlling video with JavaScript
  • video tag attributes

The canvas tag

  • drawing text
  • drawing shapes
  • What happens if your browser does not recognise the canvas tag


  • What is SVG
  • Why is SVG so useful
  • Putting svg in a web page (with the Raphaël JavaScript library)

Overview of CSS3

  • Overview of the new elements in CSS3
  • What is CSS3 useful for

Our scheduled courses are designed to ensure you have a professional and productive experience.  With 20 years practice we have had plenty of time to get it right, but we are always open to new suggestions as well.

What you get on the Online Web Masterclass

When you sign up for the online web masterclass you get 3 months access to over 12 hours of high definition video tutorials taking you through all of the topics listed.  Additionally you can download the supporting files and examples enabling you to complete practice exercises.

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at those who want to learn how to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The course is a video based self study course, together with example files.  If you are looking to get up to speed on these subjects quickly and more comprehensively, then we would reccommend something like our HTML5 Bootcamp. If however cost is an important consideration and time is not pressing, the Online Web Masterclass offers great value for money.