Introduction to Digital Marketing

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1 day Introduction to Digital Marketing course

The Introduction to Digital Marketing course is aimed at those who are new to online marketing. Maybe you have more traditional marketing skills and have found the whole digital marketing revolution overwhelming (your not alone), or maybe you are completely new to the marketing role. Either way our 1 day introduction course explains the basics of the internet marketing landscape, options available and how to make the most of them.

Make no mistake digital marketing can be awesome, and most industries will need to use it to some degree just to survive in todays economy. Even small companies can hit not just millions, but billions of users instantly, measure what users are looking at, for how long, what they click and much more.  Unfortunately it can go wrong and whilst many of the tools and resources used are free or low cost, there can be a significant time requirement.

Our one day introduction to digital marketing course helps you avoid many of the pitfalls, identify the best tools and understand where to put your effort for the best return.

£325.00ex vat

Our one day introduction to digital marketing course covers a wide range of areas that fall under the online marketing category, including topics like:

Digital Marketing Intro

The Digital Marketing Landscape

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital v Traditional marketing
  • The overlap
  • Clicks and Mortar

Your Website

  • Why it's important
  • How are people using it?
  • How are people finding it?
  • How can you improve it?
  • How do you know the above?
  • Why you should care?

What is Search Engine Optimisation

  • What does it affect?
  • Onsite versus Offsite SEO
  • Quick Wins - where to start!
  • Quick Fails - Don't do these, no really, DON'T
  • How do you know it's working
  • Some tools to help

What is Email Marketing

  • Welcome to digital direct mail
  • Building your list
  • Frequency
  • Key success factors
  • Measuring and Testing
  • Useful Resources and Stats

What is Social Media

  • Awesome branding tools
  • Where, when and how
  • Influencing but not controlling the message
  • Developing a social marketing plan
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Are you listening to your clients?
  • Measuring, automating (or not), and building

Paid Search and Paid Social

  • Should I throw money at this
  • If I do how do I know it's working
  • Paid Search - Adwords etc..
  • Paid Social - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc..
  • Measuring them
  • "Did you say BILLIONS of people!!!"


  • Web Analytics
    - What it tells you - What it costs (or not) - What to look for
  • Social Analytics
    - What's working - What's not - Save some time
  • Email Analytics
    - What are people opening - What are they clicking
  • Useful tools for measuring this


  • Why bother
  • What to talk about
  • How frequently?
  • How do people find it
  • What's the benefit

General Discussion / Q&A

The Introduction to Digital Marketing course will leave you with a good overall understanding of the different aspects of Digital Marketing using the latest technologies..

You will understand

  • The costs involved
  • What is working
  • What isn't working
  • What time is needed
  • What to focus attention on
  • How to create a basic Digital Marketing Plan
  • What resources you need
  • The risks of badly implemented digital marketing
  • How clients expectation have changed

Who should attend this course

The Introduction to Digital Marketing course is aimed at those who are new to digital marketing and want a better overall understanding of areas such as email marketing, search engine marketing, social media, analytics. Many of these are vast subjects and a one day course won't make you an expert at everything, but what it will give you is a better understanding of what will work best for you, how to measure it, and what resources are needed.

Upon completion of the Intro to Digital Marketing course we have a wide range of other courses which may be of interest. These include:

This course is a beginners course. You should however be comfortable using a computer to perform functions such as copy and paste, and opening applications and files. You should also be comfortable using the internet, for example for browsing and interacting with websites.