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Adobe Authorised InDesign Courses

If you are wanting high quality Adobe InDesign training in London, York or at your own location elsewhere in the UK, we can help. Our Adobe authorised courses are the fastest way to ramp up your performance with this great desktop publishing package. InDesign offers powerful features for creating richer, more complex documents; and reliably outputs pages to a variety of media. With its sophisticated design features and enhanced productivity tools for streamlining repetitive tasks, this software lets you work faster and better than ever, but to really benefit from it you need to master the vast array of features it offers, and that means getting the right training.

Our InDesign courses can be taught on both CC and previous versions, so don't worry if you are on an older version. Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced user we can help you improve your skills with Adobe InDesign, and our classroom facilities located in Islington, London and York are easy to get to by tube, rail or road.

InDesign Getting Started

Aimed at those who are completely new to the product the InDesign Getting Started course starts out by explaining concepts such as bleed, margins and columns before moving on to InDesign itself. You will learn how to work with text in your documents, place images, work with tables, apply effects such as drop shadows, make use of transparency and more. You will then learn how to apply styles and work with masters before learning about preflighting and options for outputting a document. Finally you will then complete a project from scratch, applying all of the skills developed during the course.

InDesign Advanced Techniques

The InDesign Advanced course is aimed at those who have either completed the beginners course or have equivalent experience. The course covers a wide range of topics such as object styles, table styles and grep styles. You will learn how to work with conditional text, make use of the data merge capabilities and work with metadata and multiple layers within images all from within Adobe InDesign. You will find out about the new form capabilities recently introduced into InDesign as well as looking at other interactive features such as animation, video and transitions. You will also learn a variety of techniques to speed up your workflow and reuse content from snippets and libraries through to importing styles or masters.

InDesign Digital Publications

This is a one day course for those who have completed the Getting Started course and want to better understand the option for creating digital publications with Adobe InDesign. The course covers a range of topics from PDF magazines through to the Digital Publishing Suite and is ideal for those who have been traditionally outputting content from InDesign for print and now want to move beyond that to output to Digital formats.

Digital Repro and Press Course

This is a one day course for those looking to produce files ready for professional print.  The course is focused on the issues that are encountered when outputting documents for print, how to avoid these issues, and a wide range of tips and tricks that only somebody with real world experience in the printing trade would know.  If you are responsible for sending your artwork to the printer and want to avoid any nasty surprises, then this course is for you. You should have either completed the InDesign Getting Started course or have a basic knowledge of InDesign before attending this course.

InDesign training - Delegates on an InDesign course

InDesign Bootcamp

This four day course is aimed at those who plan on using Adobe InDesign on a regular basis, and want to get to a high level of skill with the product. The InDesign Bootcamp brings together the Getting Started and Advanced courses, allowing complete beginners to reach a high level of ability with the product in no time at all and become an Adobe InDesign Expert. If you are new to this software, and plan on using it regularly, then this is the course for you.

Adobe Certified Expert exams are the ultimate accolade when it comes to Adobe products, and represent the highest level of capability with Adobe InDesign.  Not to be confused with the entry level Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam, the Adobe Certified Expert exam is a professional certification which demonstrates real expertise on InDesign.

Make sure it's the right course

Our course advisors have a good understanding of the products we teach and can help advise on the most appropriate courses.  They are also able to arrange for you to speak with an instructor to ensure that your requirements will be covered in the class. Call us free on 0800 156 0777

Multiplace & Charity Discounts

Are you looking to book more than one place or more than one course. We offer multiplace discounts allowing you to save 10% when booking two places and 15% off three places or more.  Also we like to support a good cause so registered charities can get 20% off the RRP on all our scheduled courses.

Closed Courses for your Team

If you are looking to train up a team, we can provide a tailored experience specifically for you. Courses can be delivered at either your offices or our centres, and we can customise content to your requirements. This approach is also cost effective with pricing based on a flat day rate for the course.

Why learn Adobe InDesign?

When it comes to page layout there are of course other options out there, you could use Microsoft Word, packages like Quark or Publisher, or keep plugging away doing it in Illustrator.  The reality though is Adobe InDesign is the most comprehensive solution for professional desktop publishing.

InDesign has a level of flexibility and control which Word doesn't come close to, and it has more advanced features which other DTP tools have yet to consider. As for Adobe Illustrator, it's a great tool for creating vector artwork whether that's logos, packaging, fashion designs or something else, but it's not a page layout tool. Illustrator doesn't offer the control and features when it comes to page layout that InDesign does, and it's a bit like using a hammer to put a screw in.

If you are planning on creating professional looking documents on a regular basis, and want to work quickly and efficiently then you need to learn to use Adobe InDesign properly. We can help you do exactly that, just call us free on 0800 156 0777