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Illustrator CC Certification Bootcamp is targeted at those who are new to the Illustrator package and wanting to learn Illustrator inside out. From drawing and manipulating simple shapes to create logos, right through to creating complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those you could create using Illustrator's basic tools.

The course is made up of 3 days of classroom based Illustrator training which can either be completed in 2 stages at our York centre, remotely online or at your own location. This is then supported and extended by 12 months access to our learning management system containing video tutorials, exercises, sample files and instructor led support forums.

£750.00ex vat

Attend Online

Why not attend from the comfort of your own desk. Our Live Online Learning option lets you take the course as if you were right there, without even leaving your desk. It's like being in the classroom, and you can interact with the instructor and other delegates, without the hassle of travelling to the venue.

The first stage of the Illustrator Bootcamp gets you up and running with Illustrator introducing basic tools such as the pen tool as well as explaining topics like what are vectors, how boolean curves work etc..

Stage 1 - Illustrator Getting Started (1 day)

  • What are vectors
  • What are Bézier curves
  • The pen tools

Creating shapes

  • The pen tool
  • Primitive shapes
  • Adding/deleting anchor points
  • Creating Bézier curves
  • Combining shapes
  • Creating outlines from text
  • The shape builder tool
  • The blend tool

Editing shapes

  • Adjusting existing shapes
  • Cutting paths
  • Combining paths and shapes
  • Erasing paths and shapes

Organising your work

  • Artboards
  • Custom artboards
  • Layers
  • Sub-layers
  • Layer properties
  • Templates
  • Group Isolation mode


  • Choosing a colour
  • Using swatches
  • Saving your swatches
  • Spot colours
  • Process colours
  • Global colours

Stroke and Fill

  • Creating strokes
  • Creating fill
  • Applying colour to strokes and fills

Transforming shapes

  • Duplicating
  • Moving, rotating
  • Reflecting, Shearing
  • Scaling
  • Step and repeat
  • Transform again


  • 3D
  • Stylize
  • Distort & Transform
  • Warp
  • Organising your effects
  • etc


  • Adding text
  • Text within a a shape
  • Text on a shape
  • Controlling text
  • Creating outlines from text

Saving and Exporting

  • Saving options
  • Exporting options
  • Exporting to pdf
  • Other export formats
  • Using Illustrator with other applications


Stage two of the Bootcamp covers more Advanced areas of Illustrator. The standard topics we cover are listed below.

Illustrator Advanced Techniques


  • Creating symbols
  • Editing symbols
  • Saving symbols
  • Using the symbol tools

LivePaint groups

  • LivePaint groups
  • Detecting Gaps
  • Painting strokes and fills
  • Live paint bucket and Live paint selection tools

Blob brush tool

  • Painting with the blob brush
  • Merging and keep selected options
  • Tolerances and options

Perspective Grid Tool

  • Introduction
  • Presets and settings
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Attaching & releasing objects
  • Bringing in objects
  • Selecting objects
  • Transforming objects
  • Adding text and symbols


  • Recolouring your artwork
  • Creating swatches from your artwork
  • Applying swatches to your artwork
  • Colour groups


  • Creating gradients
  • Applying gradients to shapes
  • Applying gradients to strokes
  • - along the length, across the width, within the stroke

Gradient Mesh

  • Creating mesh objects
  • Editing mesh objects
  • Mesh points and mesh patches
  • Using transparency

Tracing Images

  • Image trace
  • Presets
  • Mode
  • Using a palette
  • advanced options


  • Art brushes
  • Scatter brushes
  • Bristle brushes
  • Pattern brushes

Custom Brushes

  • Creating your own brushes
  • Using your custom brushes


  • Defining your pattern
  • Creating your pattern
  • Applying your pattern

The Appearance Panel

  • Organising your effects
  • Moving your effects
  • Multiple strokes
  • Multiple fills


The Illustrator Bootcamp is designed to take you from complete beginner to advanced user quickly and effectively.

You will learn to

  • Understand the difference between vector and raster images
  • Be able to create artwork in Illustrator such as logos, technical drawings, typography and illustrations.
  • Know how to customise the Illustrator interface to improve efficiency and work better
  • Feel comfortable using Illustrator's tools to create shapes, lines, bezier curves (we'll explain these too) and more.
  • Understand and be able to organise your layers, artboards, templates, etc..
  • Apply colours, gradients and a wide range of effects to your illustrations
  • Transform your shapes by duplication, rotating, scaling, and more
  • Save your illustrations for reuse in both print and web using formats such as ai, pdf, svg and more.
  • A variety of shortcuts to enable you to work more effectively
  • How to make your own symbols and use them properly
  • To quickly re-colour your artwork
  • How to create artwork in perspective
  • To create and work with colour groups
  • How to create your own custom brushes and use them properly
  • How to use the Gradient Mesh tool to make your artwork more realistic
  • To trace photographs and convert them to vector shapes
  • How to create your own patterns and how to use them
  • How to apply multiple effects and multiple strokes and fills onto your shapes

Our scheduled courses are designed to ensure you have a professional and productive experience.  With 20 years practice we have had plenty of time to get it right, but we are always open to new suggestions as well.

Reasons to choose Highlander for your professional training

  • A proven track record - Highlander has been established for 20 years.
  • High quality instruction - Our instructors are certified by Adobe, Google and CompTIA.
  • We make sure you are happy - Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you leave with a smile.
  • Follow on support - We give you 12 months post course support.

What you get on a Highlander Course

Start and finish times

Our courses start at 9.30am and typically run until 4pm. The finish time is based primarily on how much information people can retain in a day without being overwhelmed, and can vary slightly depending on individual class size and ability.


Each delegate is provided with use of a computer, setup with the latest version of the software they are learning. Our York centre has a mix of Mac and PC's, so if you have a preference please advise us when booking. Older versions of software can usually be catered for on request.

If delegates prefer to work in their own environment and would rather bring their own laptop that is equally fine.


Hot drinks and bottled water is provided throughout the day together with a selection of biscuits and sweets.  There is a scheduled 15 minute break mid morning and again mid afternoon.


There is a one hour break for lunch to allow delegates some time "off the screen".  Our centre is located on the well known Bishy Road in York, with a wide range of popular cafe's just a few metres from the front door. The street regularly features in national newspapers and has been described by Wall Street Journal as "an enclave of gourmet delis and cafes" while The Times described it as "York's answer to Notting Hill".

Course Materials

Course manuals / books are provided for all our standard scheduled courses and you get 12 months access to our learning management system which contains a variety of content ranging from video tutorials and refresher exercises through to copies of course slides.

Internet Access

All the machines have full internet access and free wifi is available to use within our centres.

Certificate of Completion

All delegates receive a certificate of completion to show they have completed an Adobe Authorised Training Course.

Who should attend this course

This Illustrator course is suitable for those who want to learn to use Illustrator CC but have no previous experience. If you already have experience using Illustrator then you might want to consider our Advanced Illustrator Training Course instead.

If you are unsure which Illustrator courses are most suitable then why not try our free Illustrator Skills Test to help you test your current skills.

Comments from delegates that attended Illustrator courses at Highlander

"Really helpful and clear, he always goes through things if you haven't got it straight away and is very patient"
Designer, Marks and Spencer

"The centre was comfortable to work in, while the instructor was very clear and answered all our questions"
Creative Assistant, The Walt Disney Company

"Fantastic tutor, patient and fun. I've really enjoyed my course and I feel much more equipped to start working with illustrator. I think the size of the class was perfect and the pace of the course was also great."
Photographer and Publicity Assistant, Reliance Precision

"Very good, answered all my questions and was flexible enough to deviate from agenda to show me techniques or queries I had during the sessions."
Design Team Manager, Girl Guiding UK

"I enjoyed the fact that it is mostly practical and you're able to get hands on with the software. The instructor is very friendly and approachable which makes it easier to ask for help"
Marketing Administrator, Softbox