HTML5 Online Course

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Learn to create modern web content

The HTML5 Online course contains just over 4 hours of high definition video tutorials together with sample files and hands on exercises covering a wide range of HTML5 topics.

If you are comfortable teaching yourself or attending our classroom based course isn't practical then this is a great alternative way to learn how to unleash the power of HTML5.

Course Overview


  • Setting up your development environment
  • Using Dreamweaver
  • Using Aptana Studio
  • Other IDEs


  • What we will cover in this course
  • What we do not cover in the course

Basic HTML5 - Going through the semantic structure

  • The semantic tags in HTML5
  • What does semantic mean
  • How to structure your page with HTML5

The new tags in HTML5

  • What is new in HTML5
  • What has been dropped
  • What does the new tags mean for your web pages

HTML5 forms

  • HTML5 form tags
  • HTML5 tag attributes
  • How to make your forms work for you

Controlling your pages with JavaScript

  • Using form elements and JavaScript to control your page
  • The range element

Detecting HTML5

  • How to detect if a browser is HTML5 capable using Modernizr
  • What to do if your browser cannot run HTML5

The audio tag

  • using audio
  • audio codecs
  • controlling audio
  • audio tag attributes

The video tag

  • using video
  • video codecs
  • controlling video with JavaScript
  • video tag attributes

The canvas tag

  • drawing text
  • drawing shapes
  • What happens if your browser does not recognise the canvas tag


  • What is SVG
  • Why is SVG so useful
  • Putting svg in a web page (with the Raphaël JavaScript library)

Overview of CSS3

  • Overview of the new elements in CSS3
  • What is CSS3 useful for

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