Creating HTML5 & CSS3 with DreamWeaver

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Rapidly create HTML5 and CSS3 pages with DreamWeaver

If you want to learn how to create HTML5 and CSS3 content using DreamWeaver this is the course for you.  Whether you want to build pages for your website or create HTML email campaigns, our 2 day beginners course is designed for those who are completely new to HTML5, CSS3 and DreamWeaver. Our Adobe certified course, successfully accomodates both those who want to learn to write the code manually, and those who prefer to avoid this by using the DreamWeaver interface to generate everything.

During the class you will learn how to create basic HTML5 pages, using CSS3 to add more complex design elements as you go, resulting in professional looking content that you will want to share with others. This course combines 2 days of classroom based training with post course access to our learning management system including instructor led support.

£495.00ex vat

The Creating HTML5 and CSS3 with DreamWeaver class covers all the basic skills needed to start producing and styling content in this easy to use yet feature rich software package. An outline of the topics covered is provided below.

Creating HTML5 & CSS3 with DreamWeaver Course Topics

Introduction to Web Development

  • What assets are needed
  • The DreamWeaver CC interface
  • Code view v Design view
  • Working with panels

Site Management and Setup

  • Understanding website structure
  • File naming conventions
  • File and folder structure
  • Defining a new site
  • Previewing in browsers

Basic Page Markup

  • What is HTML5
  • The Insert Panel
  • Creating HTML tags
  • Code Comments

Page Layout Tags

  • head, body
  • section, article, aside, and nav
  • header & footer
  • div & span

Content Markup Tags

  • h1 - h6
  • p & br
  • hr
  • images
  • links
  • lists
  • tables

Styling with CSS3

  • What is CSS3 and why use it
  • Limitation of CSS for email
  • External or internal CSS
  • Linking to external styles
  • Tags, Classes, IDs and Compound styles
  • Creating new CSS rules
  • The CSS Designer panel
  • Editing CSS rule
  • CSS3 Transitions Panel

CSS3 Options

  • Multiple Columns
  • Custom fonts
  • Border-radius
  • Gradients
  • Color
  • Shadows
  • Transitions
  • Transforms
  • CSS3 Filters

CSS3 Layout

  • the box model
  • creating columns and rows with divs
  • creating flexible boxes


  • Hyperlinks
  • email Links
  • Using named anchors
  • Creating css rollover effects for links


  • Web images overview
  • Inserting images
  • Image attributes
  • Positioning images
  • Using background images

Simple Tables

  • Inserting tables
  • Tag editor
  • Merge cells
  • Col spans and Row spans
  • Styling your table with CSS


  • Creating a list
  • Ordered or unordered
  • Styling lists

Video and Audio

  • The HTML5 video and audio elements
  • Understanding video and audio
  • Embedding video on your page
  • Efficient Video Implementation
  • Manipulating Video with CSS3

Lab - Create your own Website

On the second day of the course you will develop and style a simple website from scratch using the skills covered during the course.


Creating HTML5 & CSS3 with DreamWeaver gets you building and styling HTML pages in no time at all.

You will learn

  • How to define your site in DreamWeaver CC.
  • How to create and markup HTML pages either in code or via the panels.
  • How to style your pages using CSS3.
  • How to insert images, video and other media into your webpages.
  • Limitations of creating content for email.
  • How to upload webpages to a server.
  • Other skills that might be needed to complete a web project.

Who should attend this course

If you want to learn to create HTML5 and CSS3 content using DreamWeaver CC but have no past experience then this course is for you. Our small class sizes mean we are able to cater for both people who want to learn to write the code manually, and those who want to avoid doing so by using the DreamWeaver interface to automatically generate code.

Comments from delegates that attended our HTML5, CSS3, DreamWeaver courses:

"He was extremely knowledgeable and professional as I would expect. He was very helpful and understanding of our needs and what we wished to achieve and gain from the course."
Studio Manager, Defence School of Transport

"As a beginners course this was at the right level. I was looking for a basic grounding in Dreamwaver and how it works and I only use templates so this was OK for me."
Internal Comms, Skills Funding Agency

"Learnt a lot in the two days, easy to take in and provided quick answers. Made the dreaded code simple to understand!"
Graphic and Web Designer, Chris Quigley Education

"He has the patience of a saint and made the whole learning experience a pleasure. Instructor approachability was excellent even though our questions may have been repetitive at times."
Systems Engineer, Royal Navy

"The instructor was very clear and informative, answered all of my questions. I found the content very useful, and will be able to implement it straight away, even for personal use, which is a bonus."
Graphic Artist, News International

"He was very likeable and professional. He worked with us all at different levels and made us all feel comfortable."
Graphic Designer, Fujifilm

"The instructor was very good, happy to go off topic to answer random questions."
Production Assistant, Morgan Stanley

Good Material, learnt a lot. The instructor was able to answer any questions posed by the group, making it easy for us to follow and understand"
Software Engineer, Marks and Spencers

"Friendly Instructor. Very knowledgeable and very good at answering questions appropriately."
Creative Specialist, Kingston Technology

Very relaxed approach to learning. Course lived up to expectations. Equipment and classroom was very suitable. Very impressed. Instructor was very well informed regarding the course and related subjects. Good presentation style. Very helpful."
Lead Project Designer, Interflora

He knew his stuff, so I was able to ask any questions that I had."
Device Development Manager, Orange

Engaging and informative, made the course interesting and fun."
Production Editor,

The trainer was an expert. He certainly knows his stuff"
Digital Designer,