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Training for Web Designers & Developers

If you are looking to learn Cascading Style Sheets then our CSS training courses are a great place to start. For those just getting started with CSS we have two options. The DreamWeaver Getting Started course teaches you how to use CSS to style your content, together with sessions on how to markup your pages with HTML, as well as get the most out of the DreamWeaver interface and the CSS panels within it.  Alternatively if you purely want to learn CSS and are already comfortable wiith HTML, then our online course focuses on just CSS, with a full four hours of high definition video detailing the features off CSS and how to use them.

If you are already using CSS then our more Advanced CSS course might be the better option for you, focusing on more advanced aspects of CSS3 such as transitions, transforms, filters and lots more.

Creating HTML5 & CSS3 with DreamWeaver

This course is aimed at those who are looking to create HTML5 and CSS3 pages, either by manually writing the code or by using the DreamWeaver interface to generate the code automatically. The course covers all the main HTML5 and CSS3 tags, and our small class sizes allow us to accommodate both manual code authoring and rapid automatic code generation. During the course you will learn about all the exciting new options that HTML5 and CSS3 bring to the table, such as video, audio, movement and animation, and how to use these to create dynamic, interactive content for the web.

Intro to CSS

Intro to CSS is an online course which contains over 4 hours of high definition video tutorials together with sample files and exercises.  The course covers a wide range of topics from basic CSS elements through to media queries and more.

Advanced CSS3 Training

The Advanced CSS3 Course is a one day training course which focuses on the newer functionality introduced with CSS3.  You will learn how to control backgrounds, work with custom fonts, use CSS selectors, and work with different color modes. The course covers areas like CSS3 transformations and transitions which introduce features including rotate, skew, translate, and scaling, as well as duration, timing and delay. We will also take a look at some of the cutting edge things in CSS3 which are still being introduced such as custom filters, blend modes and regions.

Make sure it's the right course

Our training advisors have a good understanding of the products we teach and can help advise on the most appropriate courses.  They are also able to arrange for you to speak with an instructor to ensure that your requirements will be covered in the class. Call us free on 0800 156 0777

Multiplace & Charity Discounts

Are you looking to book more than one place or more than one course. We offer multiplace discounts allowing you to save 10% when booking two places and 15% off three places or more.  Also we like to support a good cause so registered charities can get 20% off the RRP on all our scheduled courses.

Closed Courses for your Team

If you are looking to train up a team, we can provide a tailored experience specifically for you. Courses can be delivered at either your offices or our centres, and we can customise content to your requirements. This approach is also cost effective with pricing based on a flat day rate for the course.