This page has been setup to provide information for anyone attending or considering attending a course that has questions or concerns about Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The health, welfare and safety of our clients and staff is the number one priority for Highlander Ltd.

How can I attend a Highlander course?

All of our courses can be attended Live Online. This method of training is very effective and a fully interactive experience with small class sizes and great feedback from past delegates.

If you are unsure about attending online we would strongly recommend trying it out. For most clients it becomes their first choice, rather than attending in person.

When you learn live online not only does it reduce the cost of going to a physical training centre, but you get to use your own setup and environment which leads to a more relaxed and productive learning experience.

If I attend Live Online is the price the same?

Whilst our prices are competitive with other training courses, we believe the quality of our training is well above the industry average. We don’t use instructors with less than 10 years experience, and the vast majority of our courses are delivered by our MD who has over 25 years of industry experience.

If I feel unwell should I attend?

With our courses running live online, if you have Covid but feel otherwise well, there is no reason to postpone attending. You won’t be coming into physical  contact with other delegates, and can fully participate in the course.

If however the course is a closed course being run at your offices, this would be different and we would recommend not attending. We will however work with your company to ensure you get the training at another time, for example by attending one of our live scheduled sessions instead.

Still have a question?

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