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Drawing with Live Symmetry in Illustrator

Drawing and editing symmetrical shapes in Illustrator is relatively straightforward when working with simple forms like ellipses and rectangles. However, things get more challenging as shapes become more complex. One option is to use the Reflect Tool but this means creating a reflected copy each time an edit is made and deleting the previously flipped version.

Photorealistic Painting on an iPad

It's a couple of years since this was done, but I thought it was worth reposting as the level of skill involved is fantastic.  The artist that created it is a UK based Illustrator called Kyle Lambert, who has done work for companies such as the BBC, Adobe, Wacom and IDG.

Creating a basic HTML5 page template

With this post I am going to share with you my basic HTML5 skeleton and discuss why I have set it up the way I have. This is nothing complicated, but I always get questions about how to set up a basic page with HTML5. First off a simple html, head, and body tags…