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Placing one InDesign document into another

One incredibly useful, but often overlooked, feature in InDesign is the ability to place one InDesign document into another as an Image Link. Go to File>Place... and you’ll see in the file browser that InDesign files can be selected indicating they can be imported/placed within a layout.

Warping Vector Smart Objects – Illustrator Transform

Here’s a quick tip for unlocking all the Transform functions when working with Vector Smart Objects.

In the example below I have two versions of a logo placed as Smart Object Layers – the top one is Vector-based and contains an Illustrator file, the bottom one is a standard Raster-based Photoshop layer that has been converted to a Smart Object.

Selecting and Editing Segments in Illustrator

When working in Illustrator we tend to think of our vector shapes in terms of the points, or nodes, that make up each shape. However, each shape is a combination of the both the points and the segments that join them. Because our control system (the Beziér Handles) stem from the points it’s easy to forget that we can in fact select and edit via the segments.