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How to Outline Fonts in a PDF

If you have to generate PDF files for Print you may occasionally get a request from a print supplier asking to ‘remove the fonts’ from your PDF. If this has you heading back to your InDesign or Illustrator file to Outline all the text then stay tuned, all is not lost!

Using QuickLook on a Mac

One of the best shortcuts that my mac gives me is the ability to use QuickLook. This a beautiful shortcut that allows me to see an image or document without opening it up. What you do is select the file(s) that you wish to see and just press the spacebar.

InDesign - Anchoring object to text

When laying out your page, occasionally you may come across the need to make sure another box (image or text) needs to be placed near a specific piece of text, and that it tracks that text. This means that when the text moves, the other box moves with it.