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Saving IDML files – when and why to use them

If you work in InDesign and have a need to share files or collaborate on projects then you may have come across the humble IDML file extension. Knowing a little about how this file format works, and what is included in the resulting file can help you navigate a workflow that needs to cater for different versions of InDesign.

Colour coding guides in InDesign

One simple, but extremely useful, feature in InDesign is the ability to customise the colour of individual guides.

By default the Ruler Guides, the guides we pull out from the page rulers at the top and left of the document window, are set to Cyan.

If we go to the Layout menu and select “Ruler Guides...” we can choose from a number of different standard colours or specify our own custom colour.

10 Photoshop Alt Key Quick Tips

Knowing how to utilize the modifier keys in Photoshop can save you time (and unnecessary mouse-scolling) as you work on your latest masterpiece.

Here’s 10 ways to harness some of the power in the mighty ALT key! In the interest of clarity I should say this is the “Option” key on a Mac despite the fact that it’s been labeled ‘Alt’ on Mac keyboards for several years now... no, I don’t understand either!

How to Quickly Reset Dialogue Boxes in Photoshop

Quickly Reset Dialogue Boxes in Photoshop

As Photoshop continues to grow in complexity so too do the various dialogue boxes used to control the many functions at our disposal. It’s easy to get tied up in knots when trying to refine settings and sometimes we just need to start over – if this has you canceling out of a dialogue box and starting all over again then listen up! There’s an easier way...!

Flame Painter 3

Flame Painter 3 from Escape Emotions is a great tool for creating light effects. Essentially it’s painting software with dynamic, animated brushes that allow you to create a variety of light trails.

Flame Painter 3 Screenshot