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Mouse positioning and movement around FMR slides

When you are recording (in either manual or automatic mode) and you perform a drag-and-drop operation, Captivate creates a special Full Motion Recording (FMR) slide.  This slide has a small black camcorder icon (I actually think it looks more like a bugle!) beneath it in the resulting Filmstrip.  Instead of a static screenshot, its background is an animation that shows the drag-and-drop action.

Illustrator and Smart Objects

Smart Objects come highly recommended for anyone using Illustrator and Photoshop in conjunction as it enables users to speed up their workflow significantly.

Smart Objects and Illustrator go hand in hand when transferring your brilliant vector artwork to Photoshop. This very useful featured can be covered in three simple steps: Copy, Paste, Position.

Using a Rollover Slidelet to Simulate a Rollover Effect

It is always an aim of mine, when creating software simulations with Captivate, to make them as true as possible to the real application. But up until recently, I had not thought it possible to simulate mouseover effects (such as tooltips, button effects, highlighting etc.) that often occur in applications prior to clicking.

.indd file type not recognised under Windows 7

I had an irritating problem with InDesign CS5 this week. It seems after uninstalling the CS4 version of InDesign, Windows 7 no longer recognised the default program for the .INDD file type.  I presumed this was because when I installed the CS5 version the installer left the default version set to CS4 still and then removing CS4 confused it (a glitch in the CS5 installer).