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Paste Illustrator to Photoshop with Smart Objects

Ok, so you’ve just finished a vector masterpiece in illustrator, and now you want to paste it into photoshop to work some more magic onto it. However, you may notice when pasting with multiple smart objects that things are not aligned for you the way they were in illustrator. And you don’t want to re-align everything in photoshop do you. hm... problem? Not for us!

Chameleon Illustrator - Re-Colouring Artwork

Let’s start at the end; or even the middle. You might be working on a piece of artwork in Adobe Illustrator but then decide the colours need to be changed. Perhaps something is the wrong tone; perhaps all the places a certain colour appears need to be changed to a completely different colour; or maybe the entire artwork needs to be changed! Do not fret and don’t go reaching for your swatches!