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What’s new in Creative Cloud

With Adobe's recent announcement that Creative Cloud is to now supersede Creative Suite, we thought it might be nice to take a look at some of the new features that have been publicly announced as coming in Creative Cloud, especially in the main design packages.

Photoshop CC

Some of the new features announced in Photoshop CC include:

Exporting to HTML5 from InDesign pt3

Running on from my last post, where I was using the excellent in5 plugin for exporting to html5, I wanted to mention a couple of the options within the export panels. The first is the text rendering setting.This is in the Basic area of the export panel, and previously I had set this to Images (preserves exact appearance).

Exporting to HTML5 from InDesign pt2

In a previous post I talked about a lovely new InDesign extension called in5. It exported to html5 beautifully. But I had only tried it with simple layout and colours. Now I am going to follow on from that example but I am going to export 5 pages instead, and I am going to add some content.

Exporting to HTML5 from InDesign

Having done a lot of HTML5 work in recent years, I was looking for a quick way to export my information from various applications that I use all the time. Today I am going to show you how to export from InDesign to HTML5. Exporting to html is easy, unfortunately the current export command is very poor. In order for me to export to HTML5 from InDesign properly I am going to use a lovely extensions called in5.