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Tips for using Brushes in Photoshop

Using Photoshop generally means using a brush at some point, and not just for painting. Several tools within Photoshop  also use a brush – Eraser, Dodge, Burn, etc. Here are some useful shortcuts when using a tool that uses brushes…

Constraining Brushes

Click, let go and shift – click elsewhere in your document and you will get a straight line

What's new in InDesign CC

With Adobe's latest round of updates yesterday there are some nice new features added to InDesign CC.  Below we have put together a reminder of some of the new features introduced into InDesign since the original InDesign CC release early last year.

New features in Photoshop CC

Yesterday Adobe launched the latest version of Photoshop CC, which is known as Photoshop CC 2014. There have been various updates since Photoshop CC first came out, but the June 2014 release is probably one of the largest so far. With this in mind I thought it might be good to take a look at the new features added since Photoshop CC was first released over a year ago.

The Brilliant Perspective Warp tool

Adobe have introduced a brand new feature within Photoshop Creative Cloud, called the Perspective Warp tool.

When looking at your images, you will notice that some things look out of proportion, or different to how it does in real life. This is due to perspective distortion, depending on the lens used, camera, and from which angles the photograph was taken.

Top 5 InDesign Tips

There are a lot of InDesign tips that can save you time, make you more performant and improve the quality of the content you produce.  It's hard to pick out just five, but I think these are probably a good starting point for most people:

Using GREP within InDesign

GREP (regular expressions) can be a very powerful solution both for finding and formatting text that matches a specific pattern, within your InDesign documents.  You could use GREP styles to apply a particular character style to all email addresses in a document for example, or you could use GREP to do something simple like remove extra spaces at the end of each paragraph.

Creating a Clock Face in Illustrator

Using the clock hand we created in the last session, I scaled this down a little, made a copy and scaled that down further to create the smaller clock hand. In order to make a copy of the clock hand I double clicked on the Scale tool, chose 70% as the scaling amount and then clicked Copy (not OK).