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Examples of Textures and Blend modes in Photoshop

When you install Creative Cloud you will notice a couple of extra folders appear on the desktop with the flypaper textures in there. These are some sample textures that come with Photoshop, and I thought it would be nice to look at a couple of ways you could use these textures together with blend modes to add a few simple but nice effects to an image.

Using the Gap Tool in InDesign

One tool that is often under used or even ignored in InDesign is the Gap tool, and it's a shame as it can be very useful. Basically the tool allows you to manipulate the gaps between frames, and has a number of shortcuts that allow you to control exactly how it works.

The Gap tools is found near the top of the InDesign tools panel and is the small icon with two arrows pointing out in opposite directions.

How do you open an INDD file?

INDD is the document extension for an Adobe InDesign Document file. These files can be opened an edited using the Adobe InDesign software which is available from

Adobe InDesign is the leading software for laying out professional looking documents, and is commonly used in marketing and communications teams, as well as for producing bids and tenders, company reports and more.

Creating Vintage Effects in Photoshop

The use of vintage style effects on modern photography is as popular as it’s ever been, and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. With social media platforms such-as Instagram popularising the look there are now numerous websites, presets and apps dedicated to giving your images that retro, matt effect.