What is Creative Cloud

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What is Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is Adobe's online service which will bring together many of the leading design and production applications together with a collaborative workspace and online storage facility.

Creative Cloud is a subscription service, membership of which allows access to all of the forthcoming Creative Suite 6 applications plus Adobe Muse (for building web sites without coding), Adobe's Touch apps (such as Photoshop, Adobe Ideas etc for mobile devices) and 20gb of free storage.

Members will be able to manage and download their software applications from Creative Cloud. Note that this does not mean the apps are streamed over the cloud, InDesign, Photoshop etc are still downloaded and installed on your desktop. 

The objective of Creative Cloud is to provide a seamless sharing environment where work can be accessed at any time from any device, desktop, laptop or mobile. Creative Cloud integrates with all Adobe applications allowing immediate uploading of files for previewing, comment or editing.

screen shot of CC overview

Though Creative Cloud is web based, a web connection is not required to use desktop applications. A license check will be performed every 30 days for which a web connection is required. Creative Cloud itself is the optional web sharing and online management system.

Additional benefits include:

Access to Windows and Mac versions of the apps, which can be installed on up to two devices.

Public and private sharing of files

Full integration with TypeKit, allowing web designers to work with more specialised fonts.

Use of Adobe's Business Catalyst service for hosting Web sites


screenshot of cc features


Adobe sees Creative Cloud as roadmap leading to many future developments including, addition of more applications including Lightroom, (image management and editing) DPS single edition (tablet publishing plug-in for InDesign) and Adobe Edge (animation application which outputs HTML 5).

Existing Creative Suite (CS3 and upwards) owners can upgrade to Creative Cloud for around £22 (ex VAT) per month and new subscriptions will be around £33 (ex VAT) . Monthly and annual, subscriptions will be available. A free option is also available with 30 day trials and 2gb storage.