Using Processing with Eclipse

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Using Processing with Eclipse

Recently I blogged about how I was going to start to use Processing. Since then I have realised that the Processing application is way too basic for me.  Using Eclipse or Flash Builder much of the time I naturally looked to see if there was a way of bringing in Processing to the Eclipse environment, and very quickly I found the following link: (link no longer active) Since Processing uses Java, I decided to download the standard Eclipse package. Following the instructions from the link above I quickly got a simple applet working. However I came across a couple of minor issues. Now I used to use Java, but many years ago, so I was quite rusty regarding the Java language, but when I create a simple applet, I immediately got this error…

The serializable class Table2 does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long /Table2/src line 4 Java Problem

Now, for me, who does loads of actionscript, the above message is meaningless. However, right-mouse clicking on the warning symbol and choosing Quick Fix gave a list of options…

Quick Fix in Eclipse

… I chose the Add suppress warnings options and the following line was added…


The warning has now gone, and my applet runs.

I have no idea what the warning refers to, and I am sure that when I last did Java I never came across this, but hey! it works.

I will go through the little applet that I created soon, just to show you how to create a Processing applet within Eclipse, but the difference between using Eclipse and the actual Processing application is that the latter does all the work for you in creating a runnable Java applet, whilst with Eclipse you have to add the extra functions to make it a proper Java applet structure.

However, I personally prefer using Eclipse as I will get all the extra functionality that I need (Flash Builder plugin, other plugins, etc). Using the Processing application is just something I refuse to do - it is way too basic for me.