Stunning Device Mockup from Perfect Pixels

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Stunning Device Mockup from Perfect Pixels

Stunning Device Mock-ups from Perfect Pixels

It’s always good when you find a great resource online and even better to share the love with everyone else. I happened upon Perfect Pixels stunning device mock-ups the other day

All the files come in AI and/or PSD format and are all free to download and use in personal or commercial projects and can be modified as needed. The PSD-only files are all drawn with vector shapes so whatever device you choose will reproduce well at any size.

Device mockups as AI or PSD files

The files are well organized into layers and the PSDs feature Smart Object Layers to easily swap-out the screen graphic for your own content.

Perfect Pixels Device Mockups

The detail is great with buttons, camera lenses etc all beautifully illustrated. In the screen grab below you can see the attention to detail – all the connections for the MacBook are as they should be. This shot is taken from the AI file so these are all vector based. If you need large format graphics for smartphones, tablets etc these are ideal.

great example of gradients, shading in Illustrator

If you’re an Illustrator user I’d recommend downloading one just to have a look, even if you don’t have a need for this type of mock-up. The way gradients are used to shade all the glass, aluminium etc is excellent – and it’s free so you’ve got no excuse not to!