Mouse positioning and movement around FMR slides

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Mouse positioning and movement around FMR slides

When you are recording (in either manual or automatic mode) and you perform a drag-and-drop operation, Captivate creates a special Full Motion Recording (FMR) slide.  This slide has a small black camcorder icon (I actually think it looks more like a bugle!) beneath it in the resulting Filmstrip.  Instead of a static screenshot, its background is an animation that shows the drag-and-drop action.

In Captivate 5.x, you may notice some rather strange things happening to the mouse position and movement within the two slides that precede and follow the FMR slide:

  • In the slide that follows the FMR slide, the mouse movement starts from the top left-hand corner, and there is no way to drag this starting position to elsewhere on the slide.  You actually want the mouse to start from the position that it moved to during the drag-and-drop action.  The solution is to Show the mouse on the FMR slide, and to move the mouse object to the final position of the drag-and-drop action.  You can then Hide the mouse on this slide again.  After doing this, you will find that the mouse magically now starts from this position on the following slide.
  • In the slide that precedes the FMR slide, you may find that the mouse is hidden, and that you need to Show it.  Even then, you will need to correct the mouse movement by dragging the mouse to the starting point of the drag-and-drop action.  You can't do this by using the "Align to Next Slide" option, and I believe the only way to do it is by eye.  You may find it useful to switch back and forth between this slide and the FMR slide, adjusting the position of the mouse until it matches the starting mouse position on the FMR slide.

If you take the time to do the above adjustments carefully, you will find that drag-and-drop actions blend seamlessly with the mouse movement on the preceding and following slides in your software demonstrations.