Animation for the Web

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Learn to create professional web animations

Animation for the Web is a two day training course which takes you through the basics of using the Adobe Animate package to create animated web content using standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The course covers topics such as the Animate interface, working with the timeline, importing graphics, creating animations, creating realistic motion, using animation within your webpages and more.

This course focuses on the Adobe Animate application and does not cover the actual HTML5 syntax / code,  which is covered in our HTML5 Getting Started and Advanced HTML5 courses.

Private Tuition (from £495 + vat)

This course is available either as one to one tuition or as a closed course for your team. This can be done at our centres in London and York or your location.

In order to ensure you get exactly what you need, you can speak with our instructors to ensure the course is customised to your needs. Call us free on 0800 156 0777 or LiveChat to speak with one of our team.

The Adobe Animate course covers all the basic skills needed to start creating animated web content using Adobe Animate. The topics we cover are listed below.

Adobe Animate  - Course Topics

Overview of Animate

  • What is Animate for
  • What can you export Animate files to

Working with Animate documents

  • Creating a new HTML5 canvas document
  • Creating a new WebGL document
  • File types that you can work with
  • Working with other Adobe applications
  • Templates
  • Document properties
  • Using the property inspector
  • Saving an Animate file…
  • …to an fla
  • …to an xfl
  • …as a template
  • OAM Publishing
  • Placing your work in Dreamweaver
  • Placing your work in Muse
  • Placing your work InDesign

Animate workflow

  • Using the Animate workspace
  • Libraries
  • Setting up your Library
  • Populating your Library
  • Organising your Library
  • The Stage
  • Placing your content
  • Animating your content
  • Testing your animation
  • Uing Typekit web fonts

The timeline

  • What is the timeline
  • Multiple timelines
  • Layers
  • Layer options
  • Using multiple layers

The tools

  • Creating and editing shapes
  • Drawing
  • The pen tool
  • The pencil, brush, and paint brush tools
  • Using colour
  • Fill and stroke


  • Creating and using symbols
  • Types of symbols
  • MovieClips
  • Buttons
  • Graphic
  • Working with symbols
  • Using MovieClips
  • Using buttons
  • Using graphic symbols

Animation and Interactivity

  • Basics of animation
  • Tweening
  • Types of tweening
  • Classic tween animation
  • Motion tweens
  • Shape tweening
  • Using variable stroke width for animation
  • Using the stroke colour for animation
  • Using the Motion Editor
  • Frames and keyframes
  • Frame-by-frame animation
  • Animating with the Bone tool

Using audio and video

  • Importing audio
  • Importing video
  • What type of audio/video files can be used
  • Video cue points

Converting and Exporting your work

  • Publishing an HTML5 Canvas document
  • Exporting to WebGL
  • Publishing your content on multiple platforms
  • Document settings
  • Publish settings
  • Best practice


The Adobe Animate course introduces you how to build animated web content that is based on modern standards and doesn't require third party browser plugins

You will learn

  • How to create HTML5 animations using the Animate interface
  • How to use the timeline, the stage, and how to import assets
  • How to add keyframes to your animation
  • How to control your animation by adding events
  • How to apply easing to your animations
  • How to preview your animations
  • How to export your animations to Dreamweaver or any other development environment
  • How to create your templates and how to use them

Our scheduled courses are designed to ensure you have a professional and productive experience.  With 20 years practice we have had plenty of time to get it right, but we are always open to new suggestions as well.

Reasons to choose Highlander for your Adobe Edge training

  • A proven track record - Highlander has been established for 20 years.
  • High quality instruction - All of our instructors are Adobe Certified Instructors.
  • We make sure you are happy - Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you leave with a smile.
  • Follow on support - We give you 12 months post course support.

What you get on a Highlander Course

Start and finish times

Our courses start at 9.30am and typically run until 4pm. The finish time is based primarily on how much information people can retain in a day without being overwhelmed, and can vary slightly depending on individual class size and ability.


Each delegate is provided with use of a computer, setup with the latest version of the software they are learning. Our London centre has a mix of Mac and PC's, so if you have a preference please advise us when booking. Older versions of software can usually be catered for on request.

If delegates prefer to work in their own environment and would rather bring their own laptop that is equally fine.


Hot drinks and bottled water is provided throughout the day together with a selection of biscuits and sweets.  There is a scheduled 15 minute break mid morning and again mid afternoon.


There is a one hour break for lunch to allow delegates some time "off the screen".  Both our centres are in areas which offer a wide range of options for lunch.

In London we are located on Upper Street in Islington which is one of London's more popular locations for eating out, offering everything from popular cafe's and burger & pizza bars through to a wide range of restaurants.  In addition we also have an in-house cafe in the building should you not wish to venture further.

In York we are located on the well known Bishy Road, with a wide range of popular cafe's just a few metres from the front door. The street regularly features in national newspapers and has been described by Wall Street Journal as "an enclave of gourmet delis and cafes" while The Times described it as "York's answer to Notting Hill".

Course Materials

Course manuals / books are provided for all our standard scheduled courses and you get 12 months access to our learning management system which contains a variety of content ranging from video tutorials and refresher exercises through to copies of course slides.

Internet Access

All the machines have full internet access and free wifi is available to use within our centres.

Certificate of Completion

All delegates receive a certificate of completion to show they have completed an Adobe Authorised Training Course.

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at web designers who want to be able to create animations on their web pages without the use of 3rd party plugins.

Before attending this course you should have attended Creating HTML5 and CSS3 with DreamWeaver course and completed the online Intro to CSS course or have equivalent experience.