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Master Adobe After Effects - start now

After Effects CC Bootcamp is a 4 day training program which brings together our beginners and advanced courses, to provide you with a comprehensive course covering all the main areas of After Effects.

By the end of the After Effects Bootcamp you will have all the skills needed to use even the most complex features of After Effects and with a little practice you will be producing stunning visual graphics and motion effects.

£895.00ex vat

Stage One of the After Effects Bootcamp introduces you to the After Effects interface and gets you up and running with the basic tools found in Adobe After Effects. Topics covered include:

Stage 1 - After Effects Getting Started (2 days)

After Effects user interface and animation

  • What is a project file and what is in it?
  • Tools and Panels
  • Creating a Composition
  • Importing Media into a Project

Basic animation

  • Adding layers to a composition
  • Navigating the timeline
  • Transform properties of layers
  • Keyframing layer properties
  • RAM preview

Intermediate animation

  • In-depth keyframe manipulation & interpolation
  • Graph Editor
  • Motion Sketch/Smoother
  • Auto-Orient/Motion Blur
  • Roving Keyframes
  • Anchor Point/Pan Behind Tool

Layer Control

  • Trim-move-stack-split
  • Sequence Layers
  • Looping Footage
  • Image Sequences
  • Frame Rate vs Time Stretch
  • Blending Modes
  • Effects & Solids
  • Blending Modes
  • Layer Styles
  • Masks


  • Opacity
  • Masks
  • Shape
  • Feather
  • Expansion
  • Masking with the Pen Tool
  • Track Mattes


  • Effects and Presets Panels
  • Applying Effects to layers
  • Modifying Effects using the Effects Control Panel
  • Animating Effects
  • Changing order of Effects
  • Using Adjustment Layers

The Text tool

  • Using the text tool
  • Animating text
  • Text animation presets

Render Order

  • How After Effects puts it all together
  • Exporting files
  • Add to Render Queue
  • Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue

Stage two of the Bootcamp covers more Advanced aspects of After Effects. The standard topics we cover are listed below.

Stage 2 - After Effects Advanced

Animating text layers

  • Animating text along a path
  • Text Animators
  • Animating individual characters
  • Range selectors
  • Advanced Range Selector features

Nesting and Dependancies

  • Precomps
  • Editing precomps
  • Locking panels
  • Using Null objects

Animation and Keyframes

  • Different types of Keyframe
  • Velocity
  • Keyframe shortcuts
  • Keyframe graph editor
  • Proportional Adjustment
  • Snapping to keyframes
  • Keyframe Assistants
  • Easy Ease
  • Time revers Keyframes
  • Animation and behaviour presets
  • Keyframe Interpolation

Masks and Shapes

  • Creating masks
  • Importing masks from Illustrator
  • Animating masks
  • Shape layers
  • Shape layer modifiers
  • Repeater

Path Animation

  • Animating along a vector path
  • Auto orient to the path
  • Creating a path from an nomination path
  • Stroke a path
  • Scribble in a path
  • Other path effects


  • Radio Waves
  • Particle Effects
  • Compound effects


  • Using Keylight
  • Using the Roto Brush
  • Simple Wire Removal

Time and Tracking

  • Time re-mapping
  • Time warp
  • Motion Tracking
  • Tracking faces
  • Perspective Corner pinning
  • 3D Camera Tracking

Working with 3D

  • Understanding 3D
  • 3D Layers
  • The 3D Axis
  • Cameras
  • Lights
  • The Unified Camera tool
  • Integration with Cinema 4D

Using Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Working with Photoshop
  • Working with Illustrator

Project Management

  • Collect Files
  • Consolidate Footage
  • Remove Unused Footage
  • Reducing your project

Our scheduled courses are designed to ensure you have a professional and productive experience.  With 20 years practice we have had plenty of time to get it right, but we are always open to new suggestions as well.

Reasons to choose Highlander for your professional training

  • A proven track record - Highlander has been established for 20 years.
  • High quality instruction - Our instructors are certified by Adobe, Google and CompTIA.
  • We make sure you are happy - Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you leave with a smile.
  • Follow on support - We give you 12 months post course support.

What you get on a Highlander Course

Start and finish times

Our courses start at 9.30am and typically run until 4pm. The finish time is based primarily on how much information people can retain in a day without being overwhelmed, and can vary slightly depending on individual class size and ability.


For our classroom courses, each delegate is provided with use of a computer, setup with the latest version of the software they are learning. Our York centre has a mix of Mac and PC's, so if you have a preference please advise us when booking. If delegates prefer to work in their own environment and would rather bring their own laptop that is equally fine.

For Live Online courses we provide full setup instructions, but you will require a machine running a copy of the software being taught. Additionally a reliable internet connection is a neccessary requirement to complete the course online.


At our centre hot drinks and water is provided throughout the day together with a selection of biscuits and sweets.  

There is a scheduled 15 minute break mid morning and again mid afternoon.


There is a one hour break for lunch to allow delegates some time "off the screen".  For those attending face to face, we are located on the well known Bishy Road in York, with a wide range of popular cafe's just a few metres from the front door. The street regularly features in national newspapers and has been described by Wall Street Journal as "an enclave of gourmet delis and cafes" while The Times described it as "York's answer to Notting Hill".

Course Materials

You get 12 months access to our learning management system which contains a variety of content ranging from video tutorials and refresher exercises through to copies of course slides. Additionally post course instructor support is also available as required.

Certificate of Completion

All delegates receive a certificate of completion to show they have completed an Adobe Authorised Training Course.

Who should attend this course

This After Effects course is suitable for those who want to learn to use After Effects but have no previous experience. If you already have experience using Adobe After Effects then you might want to consider our Advanced After Effects Training Course instead.

Comments from delegates that attended Illustrator courses at Highlander

"Really helpful and clear, he always goes through things if you haven't got it straight away and is very patient"
Designer, Marks and Spencer

"The centre was comfortable to work in, while the instructor was very clear and answered all our questions"
Creative Assistant, The Walt Disney Company

"Fantastic tutor, patient and fun. I've really enjoyed my course and I feel much more equipped to start working with illustrator. I think the size of the class was perfect and the pace of the course was also great."
Photographer and Publicity Assistant, Reliance Precision

"Very good, answered all my questions and was flexible enough to deviate from agenda to show me techniques or queries I had during the sessions."
Design Team Manager, Girl Guiding UK

"I enjoyed the fact that it is mostly practical and you're able to get hands on with the software. The instructor is very friendly and approachable which makes it easier to ask for help"
Marketing Administrator, Softbox