Highlander Bootcamps

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When you attend a Highlander Bootcamp® you get intensive training & resources that get you well on your way to becoming an Adobe Certified Expert.

Our Creative Cloud Bootcamps are taught by Adobe Certified Instructors with a wealth of knowledge, and backed up by tried and tested training material. They have not only passed the ACE exams themselves, but also built on that, with many years of industry experience using the software in question, something which comes out in the quality of the training courses they teach.

We currently run Certification Bootcamps on the following:

Illustrator Bootcamp

The Illustrator Bootcamp is for those who want to be recognised for their professional ability with this powerful and widely used vector graphics environment. Combining classroom and online learning modules you will get up to speed quickly on a wide range of subjects all support by our instructors through the online support forums.

InDesign Bootcamp

If desktop publishing is your thing and you want to be identified as one of the best in your field, the InDesign Bootcamp is the one for you. This blended learning course combines classroom and online leaning content into one of the most comprehensive InDesign training packages available, fully preparing you for the ACE exams.

Photoshop Bootcamp

This is a big subject and to ensure we cover it we have a big course. Bringing together 4 days of classroom learning and hours of online tutorials, exercises, samples and more, the Photoshop Bootcamp is the most comprehensive way to ensure you attain Photoshop ACE status. It's a lot of hard work, but very satisfying when you get that ACE certificate.

By taking a Bootcamp with Highlander you will be getting the most intensive training on these products available in the UK, from a company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Find out more now call us free on 0800 156 0777.