Premiere Pro Beginners Course

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Learn to produce and edit quality video content

Premiere Pro Getting Started is a 2 day classroom based training course which covers the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro. The course is run at our York centre on the dates above or is available to be taught at your own location.

On completing this course delegates will be able to use Premiere Pro to import and organise footage, combine clips to create complex sequences, and apply a wide range of effects to produce stunning video content for the web, social media and a variety of other formats. During the course you will work with audio tracks, use keyframes to control effects in time and space, and apply tracking masks to localise changes. Students will come away with a strong all round understanding of video standards, compression and editing techniques.

£495.00ex vat

The Premiere Pro Getting Started course covers all the basic skills needed to editing and working with Video files whether for the web, dvd or other output.

Premiere Pro Getting Started - Course Topics


  • Formats, Codecs and video standards
  • Planning, storyboarding, scripts and more
  • The video editing workflow
  • Non-Linear Editing
  • Understanding projects, sequences and clips.

The Premiere Interface

  • Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere
  • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
  • Supplementary panels (Effects Controls, Audio, Metadata, Media and more)
  • Scratch disks, ingest settings and more

Importing and organising your footage

  • Importing single and multiple files and folders
  • Using bins and renaming clips
  • Adding metadata to clips
  • Using the Media Browser

Basic Editing Skills

  • Setting In and Out Points
  • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
  • Creating a new sequence from your clip
  • Three point and drag-and-drop editing
  • Understanding an insert and overwrite edit
  • Working with different image formats

Editing in the Timeline

  • Rearranging clips in the timeline
  • Copying and pasting clips
  • Understanding tracks and using track select
  • Ripple and roll edits
  • Slip and slide tools
  • Using the razor tool
  • Using rate stretch
  • Lift and extract tools
  • Speed / duration settings
  • Extract and use a still

Working with audio

  • Essential sound panel
  • Assigning audio type
  • Enabling ducking
  • Applying audio effects
  • Audio transitions
  • Edit clip in Audition

Working with Video Effects

  • Adding transitions
  • Setting default transitions
  • Set transition duration
  • Adjust opacity, position, scale and rotation

Further Effects

  • Color correction with Lumetri color effects
  • Blur and sharpen
  • Basic 3D effects
  • Lighting effects
  • Lens flares and lightning
  • Understanding rendering and realtime playback

Keyframing and Masking

  • Enabling keyframes
  • Adding Keyframes
  • Adjusting keyframes
  • Removing keyframes
  • Applying a mask
  • Adjusting a mask
  • Keyframing your mask

Adding Titles

  • Essential graphics panel
  • Editing titles
  • Adjusting speed

Closed captions

  • Editing captions
  • Enabling captions
  • Captions standards

Exporting your project

  • Understanding formats and presets
  • Exporting to the web for H264
  • Output Sequence, Work area, or In Out Points
  • Project manager

Tips and common problems

  • Resetting your preferences file
  • Moving and relinking source files
  • The auto-save vault


The Premiere Pro Getting Started course introduces a wide range of skills aimed at those who are completely new to Premiere, teaching you best practice right from the start.

You will learn to

  • Use the Premiere Pro workspaces
  • Import and manage content within your project
  • Take Clips and create Sequences
  • Apply transitions
  • Use effects and control them with keyframes
  • Add titles and credits
  • Work with Captions
  • Control your audio tracks
  • Export your content to a variety of formats

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at people looking to professionally edit and manipulate video files to a high standard.

You should be comfortable using a computer for example to copy and paste or open files and applications, and an understanding of common video terminology is an advantage.

Comments from delegates that attended

"Really good basic overview in Premier Pro. I have got more out of the session than I hope for."
Head of Marketing and Alliances, PowerON

"Course was full of interesting content and moved at a good pace for everyone involved - no one got left behind and no one sat bored"
Corporate Communication Officer, North Yorkshire Police

"Once again Andy was fantastic - any questions you have he answers knowledgeably and thoroughly and in the rare instance that he doesn't know something off the top of his head he found the answer within a couple of minutes. Couldn't ask for any better!"
Senior Marketing Executive, Aestheticare

"Really good session and I have certainly learnt a lot"
Internal Communications Manager, East Kent Hospitals

"Fantastic course, throughly enjoyed, right pace and speed."
Marketing Manager, Sintons LLP

"Andy was a great instructor, really knew his stuff and always happy to pause and recap on anything as well as answer any questions.  He was highly approachable and didn't get annoyed with my incessant questions! I was hesitant about missing two days in the office but it was completely worthwhile and I look forward to using my new found skills in practice!"
Communications Coordinator, Ryder Architecture

"I really enjoyed the hands on approach to the course and enjoyed the project at the end, giving me time to play around with the software and find if I had any troubles before leaving the training."
Photographer, Wilkinsons

"Excellent course  - and very enjoyable and informative two days study"
Visual and Multimedia Editor, Dow Jones

"Andrew is very professional and thorough, and patiently answered any questions, very pleased with what I have learned from him."
Graphic and Digital Designer, Home Group