After Effects Training

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Learn to produce and edit quality video effects

After Effects Getting Started is a 2 day training course which covers all of the basic skills needed to get up and running with Adobe After Effects. The course is run at our centre on the dates listed or is available to be taught at your own location.

During the course you will learn to work with layers in After Effects, understand keyframing, control animations, work transparency, and better understand rendering and output.  By the end of the class you will be able to competently edit your video content using After Effects and applying best practice techniques taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor.

£495.00ex vat

The After Effects Getting Started course covers all the basic skills needed in the post production of professional quality video content.

After Effects Getting Started - Course Topics

Preparing your project

  • Terminology - Resolution, Frames per second and more
  • Storyboarding
  • What assets are needed
  • What other skills are needed

After Effects user interface and animation

  • What is a project file and what is in it?
  • Workspaces
  • Tools and Panels
  • Importing Media into a Project
  • Creating a Composition

The Text Tool

  • Using the text tool
  • Formatting text
  • Editing text
  • Paragraph and Character panels
  • Create shapes from text

Creating shapes

  • Rectangle, Elipse, Polygon, Star
  • The pen tool
  • Editing shapes

The Timeline

  • Overview of the timeline
  • Switches and modes
  • Shy layers
  • Soloing
  • Reordering
  • Labels and Markers

Transform Options

  • Opacity
  • Rotation
  • Scale
  • Position
  • Anchor Point

Basic Animation

  • What is keyframing
  • Applying keyframes
  • Adjusting keyframes
  • Duplicating keyframes
  • Easing

Intermediate Animation

  • Motion sketch
  • Roving keyframes
  • Wiggler
  • Motion Blur
  • Centering / Moving the anchor point

Masking v Track Mattes

  • Creating Masks
  • Creating Track Mattes
  • Keyframing masks
  • Keyframing track mattes
  • Using with Effects

Adjusting time

  • Time reverse
  • Slowing down
  • Speeding up


  • Color Correction
  • Basic Keying
  • Simulating rainfall / snowfall
  • Presets
  • Modifying Effects using the Effects Control Panel
  • Animating Effects
  • Using Adjustment Layers

Rendering and Output

  • Dependancies
  • Add to Render Queue
  • Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue


The After Effects Getting Started course introduces a wide range of skills aimed at those who are completely new to After Effects, teaching you best practice right from the start.

You will learn to

  • Work with the After Effects workspaces
  • Create an After Effects composition
  • Import and manage assets
  • Create and format text content
  • Create a wide range of shapes
  • Apply and edit effects
  • Use masks and track mattes
  • Parent one layer from another
  • Work with keyframes to animate content 
  • Understand how to precompose

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at people looking to professionally edit and manipulate video files, adding post production effects to a high standard.

You should be comfortable using a computer for example to copy and paste or open files and applications, and an understanding of common video terminology is an advantage.

Comments from delegates that attended

"Great instructor with a wide knowledge of all Adobe applications."
Video and Image Producer, ZSL

"As usual extremely helpful, attentive and patient with me as we worked through the sessions."
Assistant Designer, Arcadis

"The instructor was very informative and helpful and taught at a good speed leaving no one behind"
Junior Designer, Mullenlowe Profero

"Great environment for training. The trainer was fantastic, explained everything well and at a good pace, and had lots of time for questions - really enjoyed the session."
Studio Designer, LNER

"Small group was very helpful, it was good to be able to stop and ask questions! Instructor was very helpful and patient"
Designer, Oxfam

"Andy is a great instructor and he was able to answer all the questions that i have."
Graphic Designer, City Football Group

"The trainer was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend."
Designer, Mullen Lowe

"The course was good and showed me the different things I can do with after effects."
Media and Comms Officer, Great North Air Ambulance Service

"Very friendly and helpful with good knowledge"
Digital Marketing Support Specialist, AkzoNobel