Advanced Premiere Pro Training

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Our Advanced Premiere Pro course builds on your existing skills, taking your video editing to the next level. In this two day course you will move beyond the basics, learning how to create a proxy workflow, work with responsive design tools, develop multi camera editing skills, and professionally colour grade in Premiere Pro. You will touch on a wide range of other areas such as working with VR footage, importing .mogrt files, working with Input LUTs and more.

The 2 day Advanced course is available as a schedule course or can be delivered at clients own premises for teams.  If you would like to speak to one of our training advisor's about your requirements, please contact us on 0800 156 0777

£495.00ex vat

The Advanced Premiere Pro course covers the more advanced skills needed to create high quality video content that stands out.

Advanced Premiere Pro - Course Topics

Quick recap of the basic PP workflow

  • Importing assets
  • Making selections
  • Building timelines
  • Using the Tools

Understanding the Proxy Workflow in Premiere Pro

  • Machine considerations for the various types of footage to be used
  • Ways of creating proxies in PP
  • How to know you are using Proxies
  • Dropped frame indicator
  • Import options for MD5 verification

Keyboard Editing in Premiere Pro

  • Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly and efficiently edit your timeline in PP
  • Discover how to find and customize all your keyboard shortcuts in PP
  • Overview of preferences

Titles, Animation, Effects & Captions

  • A review of title creation in Premiere Pro including importing and using .mogrt files
  • Review of Responsive Design tools
  • A recap on animation options in PP for PiP (Picture in Picture) and title animation
  • Creating and using Open Captions in PP
  • Export options for Captions (Burn-in vs .srt)
  • Quick overview of some key Effects and review of restricting effects and tracking masks
  • If time, a quick overview of some FX tools available for PP (at extra cost)

Export Options and Project Management in PP

  • Project Management options in PP for Archiving projects
  • XML/AAF exports – Why? & How?
  • Export settings including the ‘Effects’ tab
  • Creating export presets
  • Export through PP vs Media Encoder
  • Non-standard exports (ie Instagram) and presets
  • Social Media exports
  • Intermediate format exports
  • Animated GIF exports

Mastering Audio in Premiere Pro

  • Understanding the various audio panels in PP
  • Understanding and using the ‘Essential Sound’ Panel
  • Tagging audio types and using ‘Ducking’
  • Applying audio fx to clips and tracks
  • Audio Gain and Audio Channels
  • Breaking audio into Mono
  • Parametric EA overview
  • Understanding the Tube-modeled compressor
  • Overview of sending clips and sequences to Adobe Audition
  • Recording audio into PP for guide tracks

Multi-camera Editing

  • Merging externally recorded audio with your camera files
  • Multicam editing is great fun and a very powerful way to create more compelling video. We will look at the whole multicam workflow including how to sync your various cameras, make quick cuts, replace camera angles, make additional cuts, edit cut points and flatten the final timeline.

Keying and integration with After Effects

  • We will look at Chroma Keying (green/blue-screen) inside of After Effects by sending our Premiere Pro clip to After Effects and seeing the final result back in PP

VR Overview

  • VR 360 and 180 is a similar workflow in terms of editing to that of working with normal footage. The key is knowing how to preview your VR timelines

Colour Grading/Correction in Premiere Pro

  • Understanding why different types of footage give different results when graded
  • What tools do you need for a good grade?
  • Lumetri Scopes – understanding what you are looking at (Waveform/Parade/Vectorscope YUV)!
  • The Lumetri Panel – overview of the various tools
  • Input LUTs
  • Creative LUTs
  • Curves
  • Primary and Secondary grading
  • Master vs Clip level grading
The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at people looking to professionally edit and manipulate video files, adding post production effects to a high standard.

You should have already attended the beginners Premiere Pro course or have equivalent experience