May 232012

In parallel to the recent launch of Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite tools also received a significant update this month. This article from Creative Pro gives a good overview but here are some of the important highlights.

  • DPS now supports iPhone 3GS, 4 & 4s as well as 3rd and 4th generation iPods
  • Social sharing, via Twitter, Facebook and URL for DPS publications
  • Improved range of embeddable fonts
Apr 022012

Adobe recently updated the DPS components for InDesign. Before you rush to upgrade you should take a moment to consider you workflow requirements. DPS works across several systems and suppliers, not all of which update at the same time. Though Adobe updates all of its components simultaneously, Apple can take some time to approve the Content Viewer for iPad. If you upgrade InDesign’s Overlay Creator too soon, you’ll find you have generated publications that can’t be previewed on your iPad. To make sense of all the components and the best time to update, Johannes Henseler has created the Caniupdateadobedps? web page. Keep an eye on this to judge when it’s safe to update.

Jan 132012

Here’s another interesting DPS generated iPad app I downloaded recently. Boxoffice is a movie industry weekly magazine. It features the usual range of industry news & gossip, celebrity interviews and film previews. I think the Boxoffice design team has made very interesting use of the features of DPS to make an engaging and genuinely entertaining app.

Screenshot of Boxoffice cover 1

Boxoffice cover 1

Boxoffice makes use of DPS’s horizontal and vertical layouts to create two entirely different covers for each edition. Just rotate to switch between them. This theme is repeated in various locations in the magazine.

Screenshot of Boxoffice cover 2

Boxoffice cover 2

Oct 102011

Last week at Adobe Max, there were a number of exciting announcements, several of which concerned Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite.

Screenshot of Adobe DPS

If you’re not familiar with the term, DPS is the suite of tools and services Adobe has been developing to allow publishing from InDesign to iPad and Android tablets.

May 122011

This post deals with epub – what are they and how do we create them.  I have found that people tend to get confused when talking about epub – electronic publications – as, technically, any document on a computer could be considered an epub document.  So, what is epub?

Basically they are a specific type of electronic document, and we are talking about three main types here…

epub, pdfs, and rich/dynamic publications