Aug 222014

As I do more and more work in Blender I find myself being asked what is the difference between the internal render engine (Blender Internal, or BI) and Cycles. Is one better than the other? So I thought I would do a post about the differences to let people know.

In effect, there are three rendering engines within Blender…

Blender Internal, the Game Engine, and Cycles.

blender engines

In this post I will only be talking about Cycles and Blender Internal. You can, of course, have your scenes rendered externally as well. However, before we start, I would like to make some points…

Oct 152011

Just a quick post to show you some of the landscapes that I have been creating in Blender recently. I have been going through the Nature Academy series of courses (which you have to pay for, it is closed now but I believe it will re-open soon), created by Andrew Price (at

Andrew Price has created some fantastic tutorials, and I would heartily recommend that you check out his web site. His latest offering, the Nature Academy series, is all about creating natural landscapes – rocks, trees, grass, lakes, mountains, and so on. Each tutorial (and I am only half way through so far) is chock full of interesting techniques. I have found it invaluable going through the process several times in order to create landscapes in Blender – even though each landscape is different.

Sep 092011

I have recently been taking an interest in WebGL, so I thought I would post some information about WebGL here, and also add some links to some of the examples that I have found.

What is WebGL? WebGL is a graphics library that extends JavaScript to allow it to generate some truly spectacular 3D graphics, within the browser, with no plug-ins needed. It uses the computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and as such is a fairly low-level language (read: complicated).

WebGL interactive water example / (

[tubepress video=”R0O_9bp3EKQ”]

Jun 222011

I am a big fan of the web site, and they recently came out with a lovely tutorial series by Jonathan Williamson (using artwork from David Revoy), the Vehicle Modelling Series.

There are over 15 hours of movies, taking you through the process of modelling a Gyrocopter, from a series of pictures. It took we a while to go through all the videos, but it was well worth it. Here is a still of my final result…

Final gyrocoptor render

Final gyrocoptor render

Jun 112011

Here is a round-up of some of the latest Blender 2.5 tutorials and DVDs that I have come across. I am slowly going through them, and when I finish them I will upload the final renders and .blend files to share with you, but it will take me a while to get through them all.

In the meantime, here is the list, and below some of them is the current render that I have created after going through the tutorial.

Blenderella (

Creating realistic outdoor lighting (

Environment still 63

Environment still 63

Blender Cookie Vehicle Modelling Series (

Apr 212011

Another website I keep an eye on is Andrew Price’s website at Recently he did a lovely tutorial on creating an asteroid in Blender 2.5 and animating it…

I recommend you have a look at his site if you are at all interested in Blender and 3D work. And here is my asteroid, created by following his example…

An asteroid created using Blender 2.5

…and here is the timelapse movie showing the steps that i took…

[tubepress video=”xxpLBgyXcv0″]

… and here is the final animation (not perfect by any means) that I created…

[tubepress video=”YR5ZFSnWEVg”]

Apr 132011

We recently ran our first Blender 2.5 Introduction course, and I just wanted to share some of the models and animations that I created during that course.

Some simple examples of shapes and materials created within Blender

Some simple examples of shapes and materials created within Blender

Disclaimer: It is only a four day course so the models are necessarily primitive, but useful nevertheless. To teach how to model a high detail human figure can take days, so we just created a simple figure – head, arms and legs. No fingers, toes, etc. Then we added a material and did a very simple animation with it (again learning how to do proper walk cycles etc is the job of another course entirely).

Apr 072011

There are various branches of Blender in existence, and one of the ones I was keeping an eye on was the Ocean Sim branch. The people behind this brilliant project raised some money to port over an Ocean Simulator modifier to the main Blender branch.

Recently they produced a public build of Blender that works with their new modifier and it is blinding. I thought I would post a quick example that I made using this tutorial.

Here is a simple example I got going in a few minutes of playing around…

[tubepress video=”j3uhrlhB4Ok”]

Feb 102011

The more I use Blender, the more I see how modelling with Blender can produce fantastic results, with some people making it more of an artform. To show you what I mean, here are some links that show you just what a great Blender modeller can do (the second link shows you how collaborating can produce great work as well)…

[tubepress video=”16660289″]

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Dec 162010

This is a review of the Beginning Blender book by Lance Flavell (Open source 3D modeling, animation, and game design) – pdf version.

beginning blender book picture

Beginning Blender

Author: Lance Flavell

Title: Beginning Blender

Number of pages: 449

Publisher: Apress

Price (as of December 17th 2010): ($34.99 and $49.99 respectively)

Format: Comes in pdf and print versions

I love Blender, but ever since 2.5 came out there has been a dearth of good, up-to-date tutorials and documentation. It has been difficult to get information regarding all the various aspects of Blender.