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Photorealistic Painting on an iPad

It's a couple of years since this was done, but I thought it was worth reposting as the level of skill involved is fantastic.  The artist that created it is a UK based Illustrator called Kyle Lambert, who has done work for companies such as the BBC, Adobe, Wacom and IDG.

Should I use CSS or JavaScript for animation

When you are creating a web page, you quite often want a little animation, maybe a rollover effect, or a small ad or banner. The question these days is which language will you do it in - css or javascript?

You can of course do it in either, however here are a few notes to help you decide which to choose…

If you choose CSS…


Div, Section or Article - Which to use?

Are you still using divs or do you use sections or articles? If you are still using divs to organise your content, then in my personal opinion you should start changing and use articles and sections. One of the most difficult things to organise is your structure, your content. I'm not talking about the styling, but how it is organised.