Jul 152014

For years software developers have hidden easter eggs within their programs as a way of  having a bit of fun. These can be anything from a hidden message or joke through to a full
blown game hidden inside the program.  It provides a bit of extra entertainment for people using the software, and to be honest when you find an easter egg it’s kind of nice knowing you are “in on the secret”.

May 072013

MAX_DayOne-300x194Probably one of the biggest announcements to come out of Adobe MAX so far, is the news that Creative Suite is being replaced with Creative Cloud. This means in the future you won’t buy licences of Creative Suite, instead you will subscribe to Creative Cloud to access all the same products.

So what does this mean? Here are some answers we have pulled together to try and help you get to grips with this change:

Do I still install the software?

Yes you still install all the products and they will be run locally on your machine. The products simply check back with Adobe’s servers once within every 30 day period to ensure your subscription is valid.

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May 042012

Screen shot of Creative Cloud graphic

Creative Cloud is Adobe’s online service which will bring together many of the leading design and production applications together with a collaborative workspace and online storage facility.

Creative Cloud is a subscription service, membership of which allows access to all of the forthcoming Creative Suite 6 applications plus Adobe Muse (for building web sites without coding), Adobe’s Touch apps (such as Photoshop, Adobe Ideas etc for mobile devices) and 20gb of free storage.

Members will be able to manage and download their software applications from Creative Cloud. Note that this does not mean the apps are streamed over the cloud, InDesign, Photoshop etc are still downloaded and installed on your desktop.

Apr 232012

dreamweaver cs6 iconIf you are wondering what’s new in DreamWeaver CS6, here is a run down of some of the new features in the CS6 version of DreamWeaver. From updated live view to fluid grid layout these make it easier and quicker to produce quality content with particular enhancements for mobile app development.

The new features in the CS6 version of DreamWeaver include:

Apr 122011

The features contained within the 5.5 release of DreamWeaver are highly focused and designed to help you spark your own project-based multiscreen revolution, while only requiring a minor evolutionary shift in the Dreamweaver workflows and your own, well developed skills as a web pro. With HTML5 and CSS3 driving a new level of cross-device consistency —as well as adding significant new media and design capabilities —Dreamweaver CS 5.5 support for both will help you take your projects to a new level, regardless of whether you’re starting with an existing project that needs to become mobile application aware, or diving in on a mobile-specific site or application from scratch.

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Apr 122010

Work visually or directly in code, develop with dynamic third-party application frameworks like WordPress, Joomla!, or Drupal, and troubleshoot efficiently with CSS inspection tools. Simplify advanced website development with custom PHP code hinting. Work more securely in a team environment with enhanced support for Subversion® software. Integration with Adobe BrowserLab—a new Adobe CS Live online service*—gives you access to fast and accurate browser compatibility previews, including dynamic content and user-generated interactions.

Jan 302010

Recently I blogged about how I was going to start to use Processing. Since then I have realised that the Processing application is way too basic for me.  Using Eclipse or Flash Builder much of the time I naturally looked to see if there was a way of bringing in Processing to the Eclipse environment, and very quickly I found the following link: http://www.creativecoding.org/en/beyond/p5/eclipse_as_editor (link no longer active)

Jan 062010

Like a lot of people, I suspect, I tend to buy books, download source files, and squirrel them away somewhere, saying to myself – I will read them, I will go through the files – and, inevitably, you don’t.

However, this being a new year and all, I thought in order to push myself to learn something new, why not blog about it and take everybody along for the ride.

And for this purpose I have chosen to learn Processing – and I have also chosen to start with this book…

The Essential Guide to processing for Flash developers